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Dirty upgrade is currently in progress... Please come back soon... Message


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I thought I'd quickly post this in case it helps anyone else, as I couldn't see any other forum posting for it, course it might just be that I'm a bit erm *special*.


I decided on a fresh install of whmcs 3.5.0 so deleted my 3.4.1, deleted the db tables and then installed 3.5.0 in it's place. However despite completing the install process as normal, I found that I kept getting the "An upgrade is currently in progress... Please come back soon..." message.


I'd deleted the install folder so was a bit unsure, but on checking the configuration table I saw that the version was still at 3.4.1, I changed this to 3.5.0 and everything started working (actually I changed it to 3.5, got no joy, cursed for about half an hour, and then figured 3.5.0).


Anyway no idea how it kept creating 3.4.1 in there, maybe I was just being an idiot and missing something, but the tables were being created fresh. Still that solved it for me so if anyone else gets that oddness, then hopefully that will solve it.



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I managed to get rid of it by going into the tblconfiguration table and changing the Version field to 3.5.0.


However I believe that you could also take the contents of the upgrade350.sql file and run that on the table and that should get it updated.


As mentioned by arcdigital above, it seems that if you run the installer once and then go back and run it again then that might also help fix the problem if you are doing a new install, for some reason if you do a fresh install it seems that it doesn't enter 3.5.0 into the version field, least that seemed to be what I found after trying a couple of installs.


Hope any of that helps!

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Never edit the database values manually like that. If it says upgrade in progress, either the files don't match the database version or the database version doesn't match the files. Begin by reuploading all the files and see if it goes away. If not, go to the install script to perform the upgrade option that is available. If neither works, you need to open a ticket and get your backup from before you started upgrading handy.



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