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Handle more formal signing and contracts with WHMCS

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I just set up WHMCS to manage a small local IT service business. Because of the nature of the business and the potential liability, I need each new client to sign an agreement (currently I do physical paper copies since I get to meet most of these clients in person anyway). My goal is to automate as many things as possible with WHMCS, but I'm afraid having them simply tick a checkbox to agree to a TOS isn't going to cut it for me. I need something at least a bit more sophisticated. I see lots of websites these days let you type something, or sign with a mouse (the result of such signatures should be very bad unless the person has a touchscreen and/or stylus), not sure how well these will hold up legally. Of course there are also plenty of third party providers like Docusign, which I assume will offer legal authenticity, but I want them to be integrated into my WHMCS. So basically under each client, I can have some sort of authoritative record associated that shows the person signed the agreement and I can reproduce it should a legal need arises. 

I do not seem to be able to find a current module/add-on that handles this easily and cleanly. Any ideas/directions on how I should implement this?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.


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did you ever find any solution to this?.

currently I am using perfex CRM which has a lot of great features, including billing, project management, CRM, tickets, quotes and the ability to generate contracts for a customer to sign.

While this is a great solution for the cheap price, the billing side of things is very basic compared to WHMCS, as I have to deal with domain registrations and renewals etc manually. So it would be nice to use WHMCS for the billing side of things so I can resell the marketplace products and automate domain renewals etc.

I also use eform to generate forms on my website  that  clients must complete and also provide a signature to sign up for services.
here is an example, scroll to the bottom of this page: https://michaels.me.uk/thanet-it-services/managed-wordpress-kent/

So I am thinking this could be used with WHMCS, as I could simply get them to complete separately, which I then have stored, and could even print it as a pdf and upload to whmcs as well.

Here is a link to eform:  https://1.envato.market/YPAGK

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What about a lazy way?

Attach a PDF to order completed email template with instructions. Additionally (or alternatively) you could automatically open a ticket via API with an action hook. Customers are required to attach the PDF signed with a reply.

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