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Won't set DNS at Enom for new domains


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When order for domain+hosting is payed, WHMCS should automaticaly create account and register a domain, and all that is working, it create account on default server, register a domain at Enom, setup correct domain owner details, but DNS fields are always left empty....??


I just can't figure out what can be a problem here...

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WHMCS 3.4.1 sets nameservers fine @ Enom, as long as the API details are setup correctly and yoru IP is regsitered at Enom.


Did it register the domain ?

Do the nameservers exist at the root ?

Are they correctly setup in the appropriate zone file ?

Have you checked for typo's on the nameservers for that server deployment in WHMCS?

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Everything is correctly set.


Domain is succesfully registered

Nameservers and DNS zone are correctly set, those are the production servers that are in use, and of course everithing is working fine

Yes, I checked for typo's, and I am checking all day, and everithing appears to be set correctly, I tried on all my servers and it's always the same, DNS fields are left empty at Enom, even when i trie to change them from WHMCS I receive error "nRRPResponseCode 533".

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Thats a strange error message to be receiving when 'registering' a domain. Searching enom support it says:


533 Domain name has active name servers

The domain name has active name servers. The registrar is trying to

delete a domain name that is a parent domain of an active name

server, i.e., a server that is hosting active domains. All of the

name servers within the domain MUST be removed from service before

the domain can be deleted.



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That is realy strange.


I am receiving this error, when I trie just to change DNS manualy from WHMCS.


When payment is received it just creates account and register a domain, and does not report any errors, just leave DNS fields empty at registrar.

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I am also getting the same problem while Testing in Test mode.  At the registeration if i put custom NS, it registers domain but the NS are empaty.

When i Manual set NS(ns1.namehero.net, ns2.namehero.net) in WHMCS, it gives  "nRRPResponseCode 541".

When i Manual set NS(cdns1.interserver.netcdns2.interserver.net) in WHMCS, it gives  "nRRPResponseCode 533".

Both these NS are correct.

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