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Hi peeps,


Simple question If I have an SSl for secure.domainname.com and WHMCS is installed in /public_html/whmcs


Will that work or does the ssl have to be secure.domainname.com/whmcs

reason I ask is because cert is installed and working at https://domainname.com but as soon as you try and go to client/order area etc it comes up as part encrypted and a Warning: Contains unauthenticated content.


WHMCS System URL is correct and WHMCS SSL System URL is correct.


Either we have to put everything in root or change the SSl to secure.domainname.com/whmcs


Any pointers/tips would be appreciated.



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I have just started working on my first templet for my site, and the MAIN site is outside SSL.


WHMSC is inside SSL under a new cpanel account (http://billing.)


I put a flash header in my template files and every link causes the "this page contains secure and nonsecure items" popup. It's more annoying than anything else.


I know its something to do with the flash file, but I really don't know how to solve it.


Any help would be great.


Main URL: http://www.megadealhosting.com/newsite2/

WHMCS install: http://billing.megadealhosting.com/


I really hope i have explained this well enough as i say this is my first project.



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it is already https as you can see below:


<param name="movie" value="https://billing.megadealhosting.com/clientarea/templates/megadeal/0298.swf" />

<param name="quality" value="high" />

<embed src="https://billing.megadealhosting.com/clientarea/templates/megadeal/0298.swf" width="731" height="198"></embed>

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SO it looks to me that the link to WHM is acausing this on my site, and I suppose I must pay to remove branding if I want the SSL to come up with no error?


The branding won't cause the issue, it has to be something within the page that's causing it. A link off the page doesn't need to be secure, it's only elements that are included to be displayed *on* the page that matter.


Show the page with the error, and it should be easy to spot.

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