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Invalid CSRF Protection Token

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I am no longer able to save any settings, add any clients, make any payments, or make any changes at all in WHMCS right now. It just keeps logging me out and when I log back in it says Invalid CSRF Protection Token. I have googled this and reviewed other answers in the forums and they did not work for me.


I have tried:

1. adding session_name("WHMCS"); to the configuration.php file

2. disable Session IP Check under Setup > General Settings > Security tab

3. upgrading to newest version


The first one just made it worse. It put me in a logging in loop. I had to log in and then verify my password and then log in again then verify password. Just a loop.


The second two options could not be done because of the error I am asking about, Invalid CSRF Protection Token. This will not allow me to do those two things. How can I fix this issue? My client area (WHMCS) is at http://client.websmithguy.com. Any help is appreciated.

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You shouldn't be adding any session name to your configuration.php file, this can actually break the session.


From the description, it does sound like a session issue. Perhaps your session save path isn't read/writable?


I'd also suggest opening a ticket and our support guys can look at this for you.

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I realized this was related to another issue with sessions which I was having (https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/678268-troubleshooting-login-problems). That article states that the issue comes up for 1 of 2 reasons:

  • Quote


    • - The configured session tmp path not being writeable
    • - The configured session tmp path being full



After doing phpinfo(), I realised my session.save_path was pointing to a non-existent directory. Had to edit my php.ini and set its value to /tmp.

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