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Help translating Website & Security Menu

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There is a new menu on WHMCS 7.2.1 into customer account called "Website & Security". I am not sure if this comes from Symantec - MarketCoonect I just activated yesterday, but I need to be able to translate it.


I was trying to add this code to my overrides file, but It is not working.


$_LANG['NavWebsiteSecurity'] = "Seguridad";

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this will be visible because you've enabled MarketConnect - I haven't, so I don't see it...


if WHMCS have written the code correctly, it should translate...


if you modify them in the overrides file, do the others change in the navbar?


$_LANG['navWebsiteSecurity'] = "Website & Security";
$_LANG['navMarketConnectService']['symantec'] = "SSL Certificates";
$_LANG['navMarketConnectService']['weebly'] = "Website Builder";
$_LANG['navMarketConnectService']['spamexperts'] = "E-mail Services";

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Thank you, It worked fine. I replaced:


$_LANG['navWebsiteSecurity'] = "Website & Security";




$_LANG['navWebsiteSecurity'] = "Seguridad";


Now, there is a subdomain called "Manage SSL certificates" from "Seguridad". I am not sure if I should use:


$_LANG['navWebsiteSecurity_ManageSSLCertificates'] = "Administrar certificados SSL";


Here a screenshot: https://gyazo.com/9881b16a90ed47aecd05ae0f27dad3a1

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I am using Japanese version. 

Even after I have changed 

$_LANG['navManageSsl'] = "Manage SSL Certificates";

to  $_LANG['navManageSsl'] = "SSL証明証の管理";

It only shows on the menu, but when I click this menu from the website and security -> SSL証明証の管理, the page shows English title and words at the table as you can see at https://ssl.asiams.com/customer/store/ssl-certificates/manage

So, basically above translation is for the menu, not the site itself.

Which files should I change in order for the site to be seen in Japanese?

Thank you.ssl-manage.png

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On 18/08/2020 at 06:26, Northern Hokkaido said:

Which files should I change in order for the site to be seen in Japanese?

the Manage SSL Certificates template is managessl.tpl - in all current versions, those table headings are hardcoded in English... so if your site is only using Japanese, then you can edit the template and replace those English words with their Japanese equivalents.

in the v8 betas, those hardcoded words have been replaced with language strings - but i'd imagine it's going to be at least another month before v8 gets a full release.

the "Manage SSL Certificate" title is I think hardcoded in English (probably fixed in v8 but haven't checked) - so you might be looking at needing a hook to change the pagetitle

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