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Remove forward slashes


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After choosing a domain name in WHMCS portal and clicking checkout, the text in the options to select DNS and Email Forwarding include forward slashes (see attachment). Any ideas how to correct this, please?



Also, is it possible to add these two options by default, but keep ID Protection displaying when it happens to appear?


Thanks in advance for any help with this.

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with regards to the slash, the first is hard-coded in configuredomains.tpl and the second is in the language files and could be corrected by using a Language Overrides...


{$domain.dnsmanagementprice} / {$domain.regperiod} {$LANG.orderyears}


and the checkboxes can be enabled by default by just removing the {if} statement from the code...


<input type="checkbox" name="dnsmanagement[{$num}]"{if $domain.dnsmanagementselected} checked{/if} />


<input type="checkbox" name="dnsmanagement[{$num}]" checked />

i'd be tempted to get rid of the add to cart box too as you only need the checkbox for this to function.


it occurs to me that the last part could also be achieved using a hook... too late at night to think about it now, and if you're going to get rid of the slashes, you'll need to edit the template anyway... but i'll make a note to look into it.

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Hi brian!,

I've carried out your suggestions and commented out the add to cart boxes too. I've also commented out the option to change nameservers at that stage. I have left the 'ID protection' as unchecked as I am charging for that service, but removed the 'add to' box.


Thanks very much for your help! :idea:

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