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Changing the link colour of the Breadcrumbs only!


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Hey Guys,


I am integrating a custom template for my whmcs install and my design has a need for mainly dark coloured links but the background behind the breadcrumbs is dark so I need to adjust the link colour there to a lighter colour (white) I know how to manually change a link colour once off on different items but thiswon't work with breadcrumbs. Please help :D




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Sure. In the template set you're using, find "header.tpl". In that template, find this tag: "{$breadcrumbnav}", and wrap a span around it, like this:

<span class="navlink">{$breadcrumbnav}</span>


Then, in the style sheet (style.css, located in that same template's folder), create declarations for what "navlink" does. Something like this (change color and so on, to your liking):

a.navlink {

color: #FFF000;



a.navlink:hover {

text-decoration: none;






That may do it for you. ;)

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Hey Bear,


Yeah i have it the same because I want the client link (when a user is logged in) to be that colour just not the breadcrumbs because I had a different background colour behind the breadcrumbs. but this is not the case now I have made the background the same and have decided to leave the breadcrumbs the same colour as the other links.


Thanks for your help.



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You might have to use the replace function of Smarty. Theres a thread somewhere but I can't find it (it is only 7:30am afterall ;)). I've not yet used it, however it looks to having quite amazing effects, and has been used in a template file as well (again not sure which one)

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