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WHMCS - Plesk, 502 Bad Gateway Timeout at ordering

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Hello Guys, i've run into an Problem again.


This time, its Plesk Again, (with the WHMCS Plesk Module).


So, the Problem is:


When i order an Web Package, everything works fine till the last step.

If you click "buy", its loading and loading till i get an 502 Bad Gateway Error.


This happens only at the Web Packages for Plesk. Everything else works just fine.


I really dont know what to do, because i have so many Problems with Plesk..


When i click "buy", the Customer gets created in Plesk, but i think something timed out, before Plesk can finish the operation. But i dont know what it is, or where i can set the Time Out time higher.


I am running the newest WHMCS and the newest Plesk Stable. (On Cent OS 7)


When i manually create a user in Plesk, everything works just great. Its really the thing that i get this error, after a few seconds of loading, when WHMCS wants to create a Customer. Because its not only when someone presses buy on the last step, its also happen, when i accept a Plesk order and WHMCS have to create the Customer.


What can be the Problem? Is there a way, i can make the process faster, so i dont get this error, or at least put the Timeout time higher? And can i find logs for this?


Can the Problem be, that i dont have an SSL Certificate on the Website?


I dont know. i hope you guys can help me

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Did you resolve it? am having same problem, really frustrating


- - - Updated - - -



Is WHMCS installed on the same server upon which you're provisioning these hosting accounts?

If so, please refer to this solution: http://docs.whmcs.com/Plesk#Page_not_Found.2FTimeout.2F502_Bad_Gateway_error_creating_accounts_with_Plesk_10.2B


So if i install WHMCS in a different server it will fix this 502 error?

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