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Rewrite URLs for WHMCS

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We're stuck regarding our URL rewrites for the client area. We've been rewriting a lot of the URLs, but have run into one issue.

We're using the following code to rewrite the URLs for tickets:

RewriteRule ^tickets(/?)$ supporttickets.php?itemlimit=999999&thepage=help&subpage=support
RewriteRule ^ticket/([0-9]+)/([A-Za-z0-9]+)(/?)$ viewticket.php?tid=$1&c=$2&thepage=help&subpage=support
RewriteRule ^ticket/([0-9]+)/([A-Za-z0-9]+)/close$ viewticket.php?tid=$1&c=$2&closeticket=true&thepage=help&subpage=support


When the customer closes a ticket, /close is added to the URL. However, the email that is sent to the customer regarding ticket responses contains the "default" URL - when they access that URL, you can't just add /close at the end.

Is there something we can do in this case?

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it's little easy to change ticket URLs sent to clients email, using ActionHooks like the one below you can reformat the URL of these tickets,

all what you need is to check if the message is "Support Message", use $var['relid'] to get ticket information from DB and rebuild your URL as in website



add_hook("EmailPreSend", 1, function($vars){

if ($vars['messagename']=="Support Ticket Reply"){
   $ticketid = $vars['relid'];

   // get ticket ID and Code from DB

   return array("ticket_link" => "http://{your-website-url}/ticket/{ticketid}/{code}/");


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