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February 2017 Community Wrapup

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Welcome to the February Edition of the WHMCS Community Wrap-up where we take a look at what's happening around the community, showcase some of the top threads and share some statistics. As always, our community wrapup is consistently evolving and we welcome your feedback either by replying below or opening a thread in the Forum Assistance board


February 2017 Community Statistics:


  • 272 new members joined our community
  • 320 new threads where created and our dedicated community crafted 1,147 replies.
  • The busiest day for the community was February 21st where 20 new threads where created

New Badges

You might have noticed that we've introduced some new badges during February these rank badges have been designed to help users better distinguish the rank of users experiance in the community and the role of WHMCS Staff. We'll be popping up a new thread to explain each of these ranks soon.


From the ICYMI Files:

Just in case you missed it WHMCS version 7.1.2 was released on February 21st check out this post for more information on this release


February top picks:

  • Moving WHMCS content to other directory using only cPanel
    emileljadue was running a legacy version of WHMCS (3.8.1) and wanted to know the process to upgrade to WHMCS v7.1.1 using cPanel and content migration. There where a number of helpful replies for this situation
  • Import Assist from ClientExec Error
    mistro experianced an error related to a missing gateway when importing from ClientExec into WHMSC using ImportAssist. brian! and John where able to help mistro resolve the issue with a database query.
  • Success URL and Fail URL (payments)NKV was setting up and configuring a customised payment gateway and needed assistance in setting the correct call back URLs sentq was able to provide some code samples.
  • How to Limit a Free Product once to a client?
    StreamingServers wanted to limit a product/service free product to one per customer, the community where able to provide some ways to do this.



Community Showcase

This month the community showcase had a submission from DewlanceHosting who integrated their existing template and customised the portal check out their showcase in this thread


Thats it for the February Community Wrapup, we'll be back in April with a wrapup on March's community activity. As always we welcome your feedback either by replying below or opening a thread in the Forum Assistance board


Previous Community Updates:



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      Thanks to our new platform the wrap-up gets a new look this month too!
      September 2017 Statistics
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