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Real time issue


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I looked in knowledge base and did a search here but did not come up with any resolve.


My whmcs admin panel runs 1 hour behind the real time. When I log into the admin are it's displayed like this Saturday | 27th October 2007 | 2:19pm


which is fine...... but the TIME is an hour earlier than it really is. Could someone tell me how to correct the whmcs time please. Thanks for any help.

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Surely this is taken from your server time.


Actually thinking about it there is no time adjustment within WHMCS AFAIK.


Are you on your own server or a shared one?


SSH into your sever and type date - this will probably show 1 hour out so will be set to a timezone next to yours.

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This what hostgator said, and as a note many people have servers which are not in their time zone but need to have the correct time from where they actually do business, such as off shore sites. We all aren't in control of our own owned server.


I'm in EST, Massachusetts, my server with HG is in CST, Texas.


Hello Denise,


In order to change the system time zone you will need your own dedicated server or configure your WHMCS script to dynamically change the timezone when displaying dates and times. Any PHP script, such as WHMCS, can use standard PHP functions to accomplish this, but I am not sure if WHMCS supports this or not.


The following is the correct date and time for the server as its physical location is in the Texas, thus U.S. Central Time.

[root@commander ~]# date

Sat Oct 27 18:29:22 CDT 2007


For further assistance with WHMCS please contact the developer directly as they are better equipped to add new features or change the behavior of how WHMCS displays dates and times:


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This is now possible. Open your configuration.php file and add the following:

$timeoffset = "5";


Replace the 5 with however many hours you need to adjust by. This is not fully supported though but it should work to adjust the time shown on support tickets and orders.



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