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Maxmind Settings (What's Best?)


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I've just completed a migration of our company billing from Modernbill to WHMCS and it has gone well, with WHMCS being an absolute dream. Kudos to Matt and Othellotech (Rob Golding) http://www.othellotech.net who host our WHMCS. Brilliant service.


I've searched the forums and there seems to be a lack of established WHMCS users willing to post their MAXMIND fraud settings. I'm concerned that my settings are too low, therefore allowing fraudulent orders, and on the other hand I'm concerned I might have them too high, meaning I damage our bottom line by blocking legitimate business.


So, it would be a BIG HELP to me (and I'm sure a few others) to hear what each of you have your settings at and what you would advise.


To kick the ball off, here are our settings at present.


Reject Free Email Service YES

Reject Country Mismatch YES

Reject Anonymous Proxy YES

Reject High Risk Country YES

Higher than this value and the order will be blocked 5

Perform Telephone Verification YES

Telephone Fraud Score 2


Too low? Too high? What would you advise?





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I'm new to WHMCS and have no prior MaxMind experience.


That said, my settings are similar to yours, except I have not checked the free email service rejection, and my Telephone verification score is set at 2.50, based on a post elsewhere here on the forums that linked to maxmind content that suggested 2.5 as a good threshold for applying more verification.

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Thanks for the reply.


That may be good advice actually. Just found this table on maxmind's site. At 2.5 for phone verification you would pick up the free email, country doesn't match and proxy clients.


MaxMind Fraud Score Calculation

The score calculated to estimate the riskiness of accepting a credit card ranges from 0 (low risk) to 10 (high risk) and is calculated as follows: score = 2.5 * isFreeEmail +

2.5 * countryDoesntMatch +

5 * isAnonymousProxy +

5 * highRiskCountry +

10 * min(distance,5000) / maxEarthArc +

2 * binDoesntMatch +

1 * binNameDoesntMatch +

5 * carderEmail +

5 * highRiskUsername +

5 * highRiskPassword +

5 * shipForward +

2.5 * proxyScore


Incidentally, before I moved to WHMCS I used modernbill and didn't use a service like maxmind. However, based on information and advice given to me by my merchant bank (and my experience of fraud), I blocked all orders from free email accounts. My fraud orders dropped to almost 0 and my bottom line was hardly affected at all. Just thought it may be worth noting for you.





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