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  1. Good thing we have the open-source copy and are able to keep it updated to work with newer versions. Honestly the PayPal Billing Agreements API is pretty simple and I do have another PayPal Billing Agreements module I can swap in if I absolutely have to. Unfortunately as I don't have license to distribute either piece of software I can't share... That said I really suggest avoiding encoded software within your billing system if at all possible. I really wish WHMCS would go open source or would at least offer open source with an NDA.
  2. I am pretty sure I will be able to get these fixed. I don't have an ETA - but assuming I do get them patched up I'll upload them here.
  3. Yay... fun. I'm looking into fixing these. I can make no promises but I did like these metrics at a glance.
  4. WHMCS Support has verified the bug/issue and opened Case #CORE-10196. Just an FYI for anybody curious and wanting to track when this is resolved in the change logs.
  5. I updated our WHMCS to v6.3.1 not too long ago and identified an annoying bug when it came to modifying a client product when the service is cPanel based. The long and short of it is that if you hit "Enter" in any of the fields to submit the form rather than hitting the "Save" button at the bottom it would attempt to sign you into the cPanel of the account rather than saving the form. In some cases the changes were lost and in other times it was just lost productivity due to ending up in a cPanel when you don't need to. The fix is as simple as inserting the following code: function getCurrentFileName(){ var pagePathName= window.location.pathname; return pagePathName.substring(pagePathName.lastIndexOf("/") + 1); } if (getCurrentFileName() == "clientsservices.php") { $('[name="username"]').next().attr('type', 'button'); } You will insert the code into the "/whmcs/admin/templates/v4/footer.tpl" and the "/whmcs/admin/templates/blend/footer.tpl" files just before the </body> tag. For more details on the bug and the fix you can see them at http://blog.mddhosting.com/2016/07/running-whmcs-v6-3-simple-fix-may-save-time/ Due to a lack of full templating for the administration area of WHMCS I was forced to use JavaScript to make the necessary change until WHMCS is able to patch this small change into their software. If you run into any issues or make any modifications do please let me know so I can update the post.
  6. Just for those wanting this module with the last modification without having to sort out the modification I've attached a copy. I didn't code this or change it beyond including the modifications found in this thread already. I.e. I will not provide support . WHMCS_SixTemplateCreditBalance.php.zip
  7. Somebody post a screen shot of the new widget with additional years please? I know I built the separate report to keep the front page clean but if the 'pagination' of the widget isn't intrusive I'll include it in the original version as well - perhaps allowing the user to choose if pagination is enabled or not.
  8. I wrote a report that displays the same data and you can go back a few years as well. I think such a report used to exist in WHMCS by default if memory serves me. If I can find the time I'll probably make a copy available.
  9. My issue was that I was passing an empty variable. Cleaned up the code as well in the process ;-).
  10. I use the two new ones and the two old ones. They show different sets of data. The one lets me see daily orders vs daily accepted orders - the other shows daily income and expenses - the two that are in this thread show your monthly values. For us it's good to see the monthly without having to delve into the reports deeply. At a glance we can see what is what.
  11. Here is the version tested and working with 5.2.14. I did clean up the code a little but if anybody has any suggestions/modifications feel free to post them up. http://www.mddhosting.com/files/bar_widgets_5214.tar.gz
  12. I fixed one of them, working on the other now - will upload both once done.
  13. Yep, Google broke this - since I use it every day I'll be doing what I can to fix it but ultimately it does rely upon some resources provided by WHMCS.
  14. Yeah, I just used our dev server as well when I made the screen shots. Not a big deal .
  15. Not sure, I haven't messed with it much [been too busy]. If you modify it for a wider bar and the modification affects no other parts of WHMCS - feel free to make the modification and upload it here.
  16. Indeed, it should work with all new versions until they change something major with widgets, but I do appreciate the update/feedback .
  17. It just uses the built in graph function with whmcs. I'm not sure if there is an option for bar width, I'll have to look into it but don't hold your breath.
  18. I added the legend on the left side of the graphs, it now says "Default Currency" and "Number of Orders".
  19. I missed the old bar-style widgets from 5.0 when we moved to 5.1 so I originally adapted the 5.0 modules directly to 5.1. My adapted widgets quit working on 5.2 so I created new widgets from the ground up. I won't pretend I wrote the code myself, I simply took the "New Customers" report and the "Annual Income" reports and converted them into Widget format. Anybody with a basic understanding of PHP could likely do this in a few minutes but this saves you the time. The source isn't encoded, you're welcome to modify/improve/redistribute. If you do make an upgrade/change I would appreciate you posting it in this thread so your changes can possibly be combined into the original. Here's a screen-shot (click for a larger image): It can be downloaded from here: http://www.mddhosting.com/files/bar_widgets_5214.tar.gz Installation of the module is the same as any other set of widgets - the .tar.gz contains "annual_orders_bars.php" and "annual_overview_bars.php" which you would simply place in your /whmcs/modules/widgets folder. Once you've done this you can activate the widgets for whoever you wish via WHMS -> Setup -> Administrator Roles (widget options are at the very bottom of each role). This is only tested with 5.2.1, however, if you try it on 5.1.X do post and let me know if it works for you if you don't mind.
  20. This is what I get for working at 1 AM... Should have been the first thing I tried. Thanks .
  21. The thread subject says it all. I tested 5.2.1 and the "V4" administration template is terribly broken. Are the only supported templates now 'Original' and 'Blend'?
  22. Hello, I see that stripe does do an AVS check when you pass an address and a CVV check when you pass a CVV number. Does this module offer/support those and/or are there plans to offer it in the future? Our current gateway allows us to turn down charges with mis-matched AVS or a bad CVV2, but with Stripe the module would have to pass the data for Stripe to return a result. I looked through the little documentation I could find, and found nothing on this.
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