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Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus

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Hey everyone!


Recently I wrote a simple affiliate addon (Anveto Affiliate Anywhere [http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?99687-Anveto-Affiliate-Anywhere-for-WHMCS]) which I released for free and it got many interested and I received a lot of good feedback.


This got me excited about making a better version of this plugin which became Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus. This plugin does exactly what Anveto Affiliate Anywhere does but it will also work on non-whmcs pages and remote websites.


Here is a list of features:


- Use ?aff on any page

- Detailed documentation and source code for implementation on a non-whmcs page (4 lines of code)

- Included Wordpress plugin to make installation super easy

- Domain whitelist to prevent abuse




Once you purchase this addon you will need to upload it to your modules directory and configure it so that an administrator can access it's page. Once there you will be able to add a domain to your whitelist, the domain of your whmcs installation works by default. You can add as many domains as needed. You will find the php snippet that needs to be included on your non-whmcs pages on this same page. There is also an affiliate.php with this same code snippet included inside your downloaded file. We are here to help you if you have any problems and can be contacted by phone, email and live chat. A complete installation and configuration can be purchased for $50 during checkout.


Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus encoded version is a one-time cost of $14.99 with unlimited support and updates and can be purchased here: https://anveto.com/members/cart.php?a=add&pid=31


If you are interested in the unencoded version, it can be purchased for $149.99 here: https://anveto.com/members/cart.php?a=add&pid=32

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Version 1.1 is now available which includes the following changes.


- Fixes issue with redirect from links on the same domain

- Adds javascript backup in case PHP header redirect does not work


In addition to this the Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus Wordpress plugin has also been updated to reflect these fixes.

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Version 1.3 of the Anveto Affiliate Anywhere Plus addon is now available via our website. This new version will address several bugs which have been found by some clients and has also been updated to support WHMCS version 6.2.


  • Fixes issue of double / at the end of url
  • Fixes headers already sent issue for some WHMCS themes
  • Optimized for WHMCS 6.2

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