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  1. Many thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay in responding. I wonder what is the file that I have to work for these changes to take effect. Would you assist me?
  2. Hello good evening. Lately I've noticed problems with the automatic cron configuration, my clients have complained that they are not receiving the bills, I'm not even recevendo emails status, however, sometimes I get. Could you help me solve the problem? Today is the cron so /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/anderson/public_html/admin/cron.php
  3. Hello everyone. I'm working on the templates of emails and I would like to insert the date and time the e-mails, I saw that I can use "${date} - ${time}" and I then have the following result "Tuesday, 19th August 2014 - 12:07 am ". My question is, I can translate that data into my language and use the time format that my clients are accustomed? I can use some kind of feature to do this. Thank you all.
  4. Hello good afternoon. When I open my php (index.php) with the full url nothing happens, I believe that this is because in my. Php there is no reference to the addon. Now when I open the complete url with index2.php which is the original file whmcs everything works fine. Do you know if I have to add some argument in my. Php for this to work normally? Thank you!
  5. Good afternoon guys. I'm having some doubts and do not know how to solve. I installed the addon "WHMCS CSF Manager" without major problems. My problem is this, my index.php is personalized and is not a file whmcs, so when calling the module in the customer area through link "index.php?m=csfmanager" it does not open, I added the original index.php file whmcs to index2.php and when I call the file index2.php?m=csfmanager, you know what I need to do to run it? I would really like to keep my index.php file and do not mind making changes to it that everything runs smoothly. The addon is encrypted and can not perform any type of change, at least none that I can. I thank the attention of you guys.
  6. Many thanks for the reply. I will monitor open invoices when customers pay I will try to perform the procedure again. Thank you friend.
  7. Goodnight everyone. I have the following problem. Whmcs installed and setup a adiconal currency after it saw that you can edit the default currency, then not to get two coins in the system I would like to remove the extra money I have entered above. So I went to the panel where I can remove the coin, but I was informed that I can not delete a currency being used. After that I went to all customers and changed the default currency and yet still having trouble to remove. Could you tell me what I have to do to solve the problem? Thank you!
  8. Hello to all. I'm looking for something but I'm just finding old documentation. Today I am using version 5.2.7, I am developing a page to interact with the client, but I do not have much experience with development. I wonder if there is a simple way to remove the entire menu bar and also the image (Logo) which is just above the bar and also remove all footer. I know that many users are working this foma but unfortunately I'm not accomplishing this work. Could anyone help me? thank you very much
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