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Good information on paypal disputes


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All of us that sell plugins, modules, software are concerned about false disputes made for malicous reasons or just to try to get the product for free. I personally dont know a single developer who would try to intentionally rip off a client. And if they did they would not last long in this business.


I recently just had one such case where someone recieved the product, posted about using the product and then told paypal they never received it in the hope of getting it for free.


So what is our recourse if this happens. Well paypal has our back on this in my opinion. Per paypal policy virtual products are not covered by buyer protection so if someone should try to do this, it is very easy to win your claim or dispute.


Once someone files a displute you normally will work with the client for about 10 days or so and if not resolved you can escalate it to a full claim if you like. Remember that a full claim could take up to 30 days to resolve.


What i did was i took the first few days after the dispute was made and tried to contact the client, email, paypal email, even did a ticket on their website, this forum, and also made comments on the dispute messages in paypal. After a few days and no reply at all, i gathered my evidence and called paypal.


I explained the situation and explained my proof that the client did receive the product and also reminded them about the paypal policy regarding virtual products. Paypal closed the case and lifted the hold on the funds.


Thanks paypal for having our backs as sellers in this regard.


Let us all continue to press on with being great developers with dignity and honesty in spite of those that try to take advantage of our kindness and goodwill. :)

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And then always be prepared for them to make another false claim that now saying it was not authorized. So we are back at it again.. Some people! I will update this if i feel anything is to learn or share as a whole in the process to teach others about this experience.

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The other day i got a email from paypal regarding their new policies, read it carefully! It appears they will be adding non tangibles such as DL items to their covered items. This means its a whole new ball game for those devs that are putting out junk as the consumer now has recourse. For those of us that are not we probably wont even notice the change. I believe this takes affect in July of this year.

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