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  1. Yes, life is easy. Everything is easy. Be happy. There is always someone wise who know the solution to all problems. But debating means that the debaters need to accept the same reality or at least are able to understand clear statements from others without putting own fantasy on it and act like someone really said this. That being said, I am out.
  2. This business behaviour is THAT suspect, that thinking about the site being hacked is appropriate. That was not being a price/term change. Charging former customers with "surprises" when there is no legal relationship anymore was an attempted fraud and it was not obvious that the legal operator of the site are doing this.
  3. I got a response for my complaint: This has been done without agreement, order or even knowledge about it. Interesting move. I would stay away from those.
  4. Hi all, be careful if you receive invoices from whmcsmoduleshop.com. This site might have been hacked. We received an invoice (with correct salutation and company name) about 190 USD (without ordering anything or having a subscription for whatever). We bought the seo & cms module for a one time fee years ago at the companies predecessor and that´s it. So you may need to double check invoices coming from this site if you have a module or subscription from there. I have no clue what is going on there, but it´s not good. Regards Michael +maybe not the right board to post this, but I did not found a better one.
  5. Where would you enter the credential pair? As far as I could see, there is no possibility yet. (I tried that at the very first stage after installing before noticing I need the access key in the config file.)
  6. Phone Manufacturer: Samsung Phone Model: Galaxy S5 Operating System: Android Operating System Version: 6.0.1 View Mode: Dark Mode? After logging in (successfully), I get a white screen and that´s it. Nothing more.
  7. If you are looking for a full grown project management app, you won´t find it in PM. Besides that it get´s the job done somehow. We are using PM for GDPR documentation about what we did, when and on which product. For that, any client with matching products gets a long term project, where all these can be documented. That works so lala, as it has some limitations and it does not seem that currently there is much love put into it 🙂 I put my thoughts here: The billing mechanism is really basic. It will create an invoice immediately and there is no option to create the timetracking entries as billable items and put this to the clients next invoice. You can add messages (for internal use only, client will not be able to see them - not even optionally) but you can´t attach the messages to a specific task (which would be good for documentation...). You can integrate tickets at the PM Page, but you won´t be able to attach a project to a ticket when opening a new ticket for example. (You can create a new project from ticket view, but can´t attach existing project.) If you have a long running project with many tasks, the newest task is shown last at the overview page so you need to scroll down. Same with messages. Since you can´t really change adminarea templates to sort these entries, there is nothing you can do to change that. The last point is actually what is worse for us - we only have long running projects. I hope this will be changed, updated and modernized in the future. If you are looking for a basic PM and you can live with these limitations, it will do it´s job for you.
  8. Hi, i think that "Classes" should get it´s own menu item under developers.whmcs.com. it is somewhat hidden in the footer which is an underrepresentation of something that makes life really easier. Michael
  9. I don´t assume this is a bug, but I bet the following behaviour is widely unknown: We have a hostingproduct configured for € 0.00 monthly (could not use "free" as we need to offer free domain for that and that is not possible with the free option, but it is possible when set the pricing to zero) Now a customer made an upgrade to a paid hosting package 1 day after ordering the free one. Instead of billing €12/anually which is the correct price for the upgrade, the paypal subscription created the following: Trial 2016-02-03 until 2016-03-02 (28 days): € 0.92 Anually begin 2016-03-02: € 12,-- Client got an invoice of only € 0.92 ! I pulled my hair about where the trial period comes but then it was clear... because he ordered the free product (which was priced at 0.00) for one month, he got a partial invoice for the rest of the old package runtime (28 days) and the rest will be billed after that. I´am curious if he will be billed €12 - €0.92 (which would be correct, product runtime is one year...) or maybe the full €12 (as announced in the paypal subscription statement) At least it is bad that this is announced as "trial period" in the paypal statement (because this implies the right for cancellation) Michael
  10. Hi, in the new 2 Orderforms Supreme-comparison and universal slider there is a smarty var called: {$product.pricing.minprice.cycleText} It is the product price in styled html with tags like "/yr" or "/mo" depending on the payment term. There seems to be no possibility to translate this (except changing the template and using smarty replace as discussed here) Regards Michael
  11. I already did the replace (at least for the main language), just thought it was something I overlooked or not possible to find. This should be fixed by WHMCS Devs.
  12. Have a look at these hooks: AdminClientProfileTabFields and AdminClientProfileTabFieldsSave
  13. Where do this smarty var get it´s value: {$product.pricing.minprice.cycleText} it displays the pricing with a "/mo" or "/yr" tag, depending on the payment terms. I need to change this but can´t find (or assume) lang strings for it.
  14. Never ever should this happen. Think of the many, many customizations made by many, many users of WHMCS.
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