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Enable Client IPS TAG Changes?


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I think it depends on the Registrar module being used - for example, using the Nominet module, you can "release" (change IPSTAG) from both the client and admin areas.


I don't use Enom, but the documentation @ http://docs.whmcs.com/Enom says "Domain Release: No"... so I would assume it's not an option (I don't think it's an option of the Enom API either).

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I can't see it in the eNom API which is probably why WHMCS does not offer such an option. Probably as you expect, WHMCS normally offers everything it can with eNom considering they're a partner.


Solution: Use another registrar for .co.uk or go direct with Nominet.


The nominet module offers all the functionality


the problem for some people that only do a few .uk's is the annual membership fee that nominet charges, you have to sell a lot of domains to cover the fees..


so in this case maybe you just need to release the domains manually

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I'll have a look at other providers for the co.uk TLDs then. I thought opening a NOMINET account was pretty expensive?

I don't think the price has changed from when we joined Nominet over ten years ago - £400+VAT - so you may take a financial hit in the first year, but after that the membership renewal is £100+VAT per year.


then it all comes down to doing the calculations on your annual renewals/registrations and seeing if it makes sense to switch - e.g, if Enom charge $14 for a 2-yr reg/ren, that's about £9.50; Nominet would charge £5+VAT (£6) - a saving of £3.50 per domain... so if you register/renewal more than 30 .uk domains per year, the savings would pay for future Nominet membership renewals - obviously these are just rough calculations though, you can do them in more detail! :idea:


also, you can rule out OpenSRS as an alternative option as they too require you to use their website to change an IPSTAG.

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