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api Authentication failed error


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I have a small App I have written, which works fine against the original WHMCS I wrote it for as well as my dev installation.

I have recently tried to run the exact same code against a different WHMCS installation and I now get "Authentication failed" and I cannot see why.


I have verified the following multiple times.


1. the adminapi user password is correct, I have reset it 3 times (copy and paste) to be sure, no there are no spaces in it.

2. the user DOES have API access

3. yes I have updated the login details in my code and I am using the correct username/password URL etc

4. yes my IP address has been allowed in the general settings.


I presume the password is being MD5 hashed properly being as the same code works fine against other WHMCS installation.


Anyone got any other ideas why I would be getting this error ?

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sure, here it is


<cfhttp url="#application.whmcs.api.url#" method="post" charset="utf-8">

<cfhttpparam name="action" value="addclient" type="formfield">

<cfhttpparam type="formfield" name="responsetype" value="json">

<cfhttpparam name="username" value="#application.whmcs.api.username#" type="formfield">

<cfhttpparam name="password" value="#hash(application.whmcs.api.password,'MD5')#" type="formfield">

<cfhttpparam name="password2" value="#password#" type="formfield">


<cfloop collection="#mappings#" item="field">

<!--- generate all the fields to submit to the API --->

<cfif mappings[field] neq "">

<cfif application.whmcs.Fields[mappings[field]].isCustomField>

<cfhttpparam name="customfield[#application.whmcs.fields[mappings[field]].id#]" value="#getUsers[field]#" type="formfield">

<cfset api.request[#field#] = "customfield[#application.whmcs.fields[mappings[field]].id#]) = #getUsers[field]#">


<cfhttpparam name="#lcase(mappings[field])#" value="#getUsers[field]#" type="formfield">

<cfset api.request[mappings[field]] = "#getUsers[field]#">





<!--- the required fields from the form --->

<cfif form.skipvalidation is true>

<cfhttpparam name="skipvalidation" value="true" type="formfield">


<cfhttpparam type="formfield" name="customfield[21]" value="#form.enableSMS#">

<cfif form.sendWelcomeEmail is false>

<cfhttpparam type="formfield" name="noemail" value="true">


<cfif form.groupId NEQ 0>

<cfhttpparam type="formfield" name="groupid" value="#form.groupID#">




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OK I have done the the simplest test possible




This works perfectly against site 1


but fails against site2, with the authentication failed message.


Again I have confirmed 100% that the username/password is correct, as I can login to the whmcs admin with it. In fact I also tried with my own admin login, which also has API access, and that also fails.

they are both running WHMCS 5.3.11

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