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WHMCS Automated Backup Not Working


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Hello all,


I was hoping I was going to be able to fix this issue, however so far I have drawn a blank!


For some reason, since migrating WHMCS to a new standalone WHM server the db backup emails are not being sent. Everything else is working fine.


The daily Cron report emails out along with all normal emails for clients etc. But no database backup email. We have even tried to setup the remote FTP backup but that isn't producing a db backup either.


Just to confirm, we can manually create a db backup within WHMCS. I also cannot see any errors within the activity logs. There is only normal Cron Job Done & Cron Job Complete lines. I can't see anything that states db backup though...unsure if that is meant to be in there or not.


So....has anyone seen this before or got any ideas?



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I did get this problem sometime and here how you can fix this problem


1 - Try to empty the DB log tables like tbladminlog - tblactivitylog - tblemails - tblgatewaylog I think there is a module to clean this tables just look for it in this forums

2 - In your PHP.ini try to increase the limit for this 4 variables







3 - Every time your DB get big you need to increase the limit for this 4 variables

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Thanks for the reply.


The full db when downloaded is only 2.5MB.


The PHP.ini shows the following:


upload_max_filesize - 128M

memory_limit - 250M

max_execution_time - 180

post_max_size - 64M


So...all seem to be fine for sending a couple of MB file.


I have tested the WHMCS installation for sending large files....I have logged in as admin (into WHMCS), opened a test email to a test client and attached a 3MB file...it sent OK.

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We are using PHP 5.4 so in essence there is no Safe Mode. All other settings for us are higher than yours so might not be linked to this issue.


- - - Updated - - -


Just had another look at the database export...the db unpacked is 13MB but packed is only 1MB...I can't see this being blocked due to size. Especially as even using the FTP doesn't seem to work. Really annoying me now! lol


- - - Updated Again!- - -


Just checked the FTP logs on the remote FTP server and it didn't have any incoming connections from the WHMCS server around the daily cron / backup time so I don't think it's even doing the backup to try and send.

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II can't see anything that states db backup though...unsure if that is meant to be in there or not.

yes - there should be 4 entries in the activity log for each cron run...


Cron Job: Email Backup - Sent Successfully

Cron Job: Backup Generation Completed

Cron Job: Starting Backup Generation

Cron Job: Starting Database Backup

if you aren't seeing them in the log, then it sounds like it isn't even attempting to create the backup.


i'll ask the obvious question... have you added a working email address to the DB Backup page?


setup -> other -> database backups -> daily email backups


even if you have, there'd be no harm in removing it, saving the changes and then re-entering the address again...


it's also possible when you uploaded WHMCS that one or files didn't upload correctly... but the chances are that it's most likely to be the issue HardSoftCode is talking about.

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Thanks guys.


I will take another look at the php variables. There definitely isn't anything in the log re starting the backup. I did try replacing the email address just in case when I added the FTP details but unfortunately that didn't work...I might have to delve into the php log too.

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