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how to redirect direct access to whmcs through to WP integration


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I am using a integration so that my whmcs pages are within wordpress.


whmcs is installed at mydomain.com/client


wordpress integration shows at mydomain.com/client-area


How would i redirect anyone trying to access the client area through to the integration instead?


I tried a htaccess redirect and this simply gives an infinte redirect loop within the page and keeps loading the client-area page intot he first instance of it and so on forever.


I ahve tried to put a js top.window check but this seems to be not working correctly for whatever reason.


Any suggestions on hwo this has been done in the past?


Essentially i need any type of access which goes to client/index.php to go to /client-area/?ccce=index and the same for any other pages within whmcs which are in the integration.


sorry for my bad explanation. if anyone could suggest a solution pls.

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have a read of the threads below...





it's using a different WHMCS/WP integration software - I assume that you're using WHMCS Bridge - but that doesn't matter...


it uses .htaccess to only allow direct access to your WHMCS installation from certain IP Addresses (e.g yours, any other admins and the WP IP) - it should give you a general solution of preventing access to your whmcs installation and redirecting visitors to another address (e.g your WP site), though i'm not sure if you could add additional rewrite rules to redirect specific pages.


also, the WHMCS Bridge Pro can supposedly redirect pages from WHMCS to WP - though if you want to test this, i'd suggest getting the trial version before buying it..


Auto Redirect

Automatically redirect customers visiting your WHMCS site to your WordPress site, works for support ticket links, invoice links, etc.

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