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IonCube Version Support?


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Hello all,


Just trying to get another WHMCS running but I need to check, does WHMCS run with PHP 5.45 and IonCube 4.5?


I ask as we are getting a Encoded File Corrupt error when trying to load any site files through http/https.


Just to note, this is with Centos 6.6 WHM.



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Thanks for the reply. Yeah saw that page, however we recently had to update IonCube on our Windows servers as it didn't like v4.1, as soon as it was updated they worked so unsure how much out of date the version compatibility is :-(


Not tried reloading the files. Will see if that helps. I have just checked and it is only the encoded files that are not working. All other files including images and other php files load fine. I haven't installed IonCube using the wizard/installer on a Linux distro yet so need to work that one out as we have completed it through WHM.

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you could run all the loaders in an iocube folder so that it will work as legacy, just be sure to let the server know where to look. Also you dont need to run the wizzard that comes with the loaders, and if you do then make sure you delete the wizzard afterwords because if someone else runs it, they can write to your file.

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here, in my root i have this, i could not get the zip to upload here its too big but you can get it here i have uploaded it to my server.




then in your php ini file just put this


zend_extension = /home/username/public_html/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.4.so


my understanding is that as long as the other legacy files are in there it will use the appropriate one

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