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Is it possible to configure a product Addon to ONLY be available for a certain product(s)?


Currently when you add an Addon to a product, all Addon's are showing up in the dropdown menu. This means that they all must have unique names otherwise you don't know if you pick the correct one. We have many Addon's that have the same name (for example "Static IP address") but each one is for a different product.


I would like it to show only those Addon's that are available for that product.

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you could do that by modifying the addons template and adding conditional statements to the code...


e.g if product 1, show addons a,c,f ; if product 2 or 3, show a,b,f etc...


I posted something similar about adding products to the addons page, but your need is simpler than that, so it should just be a case of working out which addons go with which products and coding accordingly.



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When you manually add an "Addon" on the product page in the clients profile, it will not show only the Addon's that is available for that product. It correctly shows only the available Addon's when you order a new product (if you assign the Addon to that product(s) in the configuration).


Is there a way to only show the available Addon's for an active product when you manually add it in the customer profile for the product/services?

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Navigate to a Product/Services page for a customer.

Below the Module Command buttons, click on "Add New Addon".

Now you can add an Addon to the product that you're on but you will see ALL addon's created, not only the ones configured for the product.

If you manually set the next due date to the same due date as the product, the charge for the addon will be on the same invoice as the product.

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