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  1. Version 7.10.2 We get an "Invalid billing contact id" when we try to enter a new credit card for customers. It works from the client login. Is it no longer possible to add a credit card from our admin section? Jonas
  2. Thank you. That's what I thought even though I'm running WHMCS on cPanel/WHM. Jonas
  3. We have WHMCS installed as its own account and domain but on the shared IP address on the server. When I"m testing the API it times-out. I'm thinking that maybe WHMCS has an issue with connecting to the same public IP address that is is hosted on. Should WHMCS be installed with a dedicated IP address instead? Jonas
  4. OK, it looks like cron ran automatically after 5 minutes. All is well I think. Jonas
  5. I think I found the problem. I upgraded PHP but the link to the correct PHP version was not updated in cron. Is there a way to manually run the missing cron jobs? Jonas
  6. I upgraded ionCube and then WHMCS to latest stable version which was 7.6.1. However cron doesn't run. The status says "Cron Status Error". I have the original path which was configured with version 7.4.2. Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this. Jonas
  7. I have the same issue. If I upgrade IonCube, will my current installation of 7.4.2 still run? If not, how do I update WHMCS if I can't run it? Jonas
  8. Yeah, you're probably correct. If some process is pushing the due date up one month, then the invoice would not be generated for the current month. This bug has been around for a long time. I hoped that it would have been fixed with version 7 but unfortunately not.
  9. You're right. It was a custom field. Thanks for pointing that out. I think I will create a ticket with them.
  10. Since the upgrade to 7.x and PHP 7, I have no 3rd party add-ons. However I did have PayPal lookup, QiQ paper invoices and a Bitcoin lookup. All those those are removed but I still see the checkbox for "Mail paper invoice" in the customer profile page. Maybe I should upload a updated version of that page. However I had the same issue before the upgrade. I was using version 6.5.3 for a long time.
  11. Last month - for one customer that has 10 or so different products - the invoice was created but with only 1 product. This makes it even harder to find unless you compare the amounts on the invoices as well. It's a mess.
  12. There is no consistency. It happens randomly. It doesn't depend on which customer it is, what type of services they have or if they pay via credit card or check. Therefore I think it's a system issue that occasionally interrupts cron during the invoice generation and when the invoice is charged. On one occasion the next due date for the service was increased by a month just as if the invoice was generated and paid. However only the due date was increased. No invoice was generated and no payment done. Would not have noticed it unless the customer in this case called because she wanted to pay her monthly invoice.
  13. Sometimes the invoice is not created at all and sometimes the next due date is moved forward one billing period without the invoice being neither generated nor charged. I'm creating a spreadsheet with the amount of invoices generated everyday and then I compare each day for different months. Go to Billing -> Invoices and execute a search for payment method "Credit Card" and invoice date. The result table will say something like "X records found". Then change the month in the invoice date search but keep the same day. Then compare the results. You probably will find some missing invoices.
  14. Is there a way to suppress the email that cron sends every few hours about domain syncronisation? "WHMCS Domain Synchronisation Cron Report" jonas
  15. I noticed that sometimes invoices are not created by cron. However the due date for the product is increased as if an invoice was created and paid with a credit card. Very disturbing. Is there a report or tool I can use to count how many monthly services there are in any given month and check if the same quantity of invoices has been created for that month? I know that it will not be exact because of one-time invoices such as domain renewals. If I had not detected this by accident, we would have lost many thousands of $. I suggest everyone should check so the correct quantity of invoices gets created every month. jonas
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