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Issue since changing timezone in php.ini


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Good morning,


I moved my WHMCS install to a new server a few weeks back, reissued the licence and all has worked as always since then. This morning in the daily Cron Job Activity email that arrived in my inbox at 9am I noticed it said it was ran at 10am.


I quickly realised it was a timezone issue and checked the php.ini - the timezone was Europe/Berlin so I changed this to Europe/London and saved. I then restarted the Apache service.


I returned back to my WHMCS and F5'd it to see if the time changed. I was logged out which I expected but now I cannot log in. Any attempt to log in simply refreshes the logon page. I've ticked and unticked "Remember me until I logout." and even clicked Login instead of pressing Enter. I've tried in IE, Firefox and Chrome, and have cleared all cookies and history. In addition I have 2 factor authentication enabled.


Has anyone came across this before? I've not tried setting the timezone back to Europe/Berlin yet as that's not the correct timezone.

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I appear to have fixed it after digging around. I changed it via PHP Configuration Editor in WHM. When scrolling back through I noticed under session.save_path it said "/tmp instead of /tmp - no idea how that had happened as I had went nowhere near it- but I can now log in and the correct time shows.

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  • WHMCS Technical Analyst II
there is also the option to change the timezone used by whmcs in its configuration file.



Hi Brian, just to correct what you said, this document describes how to change the PHP configuration, not the configuration.php file used by WHMCS and we do not recommend editing it to do so.

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apologies for that... pasted the wrong link without completely reading the page. :roll:


anyway, you can add one line to your WHMCS configuration.php file to change the timezone used by whmcs.



i've done this as WHMCS time was one hour less than the server time, but with this added to my whmcs configuration file, the two times now match... though I don't know if i'll have to remove it when the clocks change later this month.

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