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  1. If the provided variable didn't resolve this, that would seem to suggest a different issue than what is being experienced by others here. Looking at the MySQL slow query logs, none of these queries are running slowly (they are all completing within thousands of a second). If my colleagues are indicating that no slowness is being displayed, this means that it doesn't occur when we attempt to reproduce it. If it continues, please follow up on your ticket with a video confirming as such with your browser network console open and showing the load times for each asset being loaded. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.
  2. WHMCS Lawrence

    Oops! Something went wrong (Again)

    just to elaborate, it needs to be IonCube Loader 10.1 or newer. 10.0 and older won't work, but will usually give a false error about a file being corrupted instead.
  3. WHMCS Lawrence

    Navbar Text Color.

    Apologies for any confusion. I use an older version of Firefox with that extension already installed. They recommend the Firefox Developer Edition now it seems, which appears to have the same type of functionality.
  4. WHMCS Lawrence

    API date search?

    All feature requests are handled through the provided system and have a number of potential factors that determine their priority and when they may be implemented. I am afraid that submitting a ticket wouldn't change that, however we may be able to discuss a potential solution for your particular case. Please feel free to open a ticket and we can go from there. Thanks!
  5. WHMCS Lawrence

    API date search?

    Hello, I am afraid that there isn't an API that does exactly this. GetInvoices will get a list of invoices that meet the criteria sent to it, but that doesn't currently include date ranges: https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/getinvoices/ I can see how this could be useful and recommend submitting a feature request at https://requests.whmcs.com/ to get this considered for inclusion in a future release.
  6. WHMCS Lawrence

    Custom index.php does not route correctly

    Hello, Replacing a core file like index.php is not recommended, nor supported, and will cause this issue. As Kian said above, the best way to implement your changes would be as a hook in the /includes/hooks folder: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/
  7. WHMCS Lawrence

    Navbar Text Color.

    Hello, I generally suggest using a browser plugin like Firebug, then hover over the element in question and right click on it and select the option to inspect it. That usually permits temporary CSS changes in the browser itself so you can see what you need to change when you edit your custom CSS file.
  8. WHMCS Lawrence

    Unsubscribing Not Removing From Mailchimp

    I am afraid that this case is still in development. Without getting into too much technical detail, it requires overhauling the module to use a different API call than the one we are currently using and unfortunately isn't likely to make it for 7.6. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we will be glad to assist.
  9. WHMCS Lawrence

    Encoding problem

    Hello, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with service passwords since upgrading. This would indicate that the configuration.php file was edited/replaced and the cc_encryption_hash value was changed. Restoring the file from a pre-upgrade backup should resolve this. If you continue having issues with this, please contact our support team and we will be glad to assist further!
  10. WHMCS Lawrence

    Cloudflare WHMCS Module

    Speaking from personal experience, their module hasn't been updated to support WHMCS versions newer than 6.3 and doesn't work at all at this time. I'd recommend contacting CloudFlare to see if they will consider updating it to support newer versions.
  11. WHMCS Lawrence

    WHMCS/Plesk Issue

    Hello, This would indicate that the applicable product doesn't have the "Require Domain" setting enabled under Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services, and the service doesn't have a domain name set. Please correct both of those items, save your changes, and run the "Create" option on the service. That should resolve this for you.
  12. WHMCS Lawrence

    Email Verification Not working

    Most issues with e-mails are due to not using SMTP as the Mail Type under Setup > General Settings > Mail tab and correcting that usually resolves them: https://docs.whmcs.com/Mail_Tab#Mail_Type If you are unsure of the settings to use for your SMTP, please contact your provider and they can assist you with that.
  13. WHMCS Lawrence

    redirect issue with module links

    Hello, This would generally suggest an issue with the addon itself. Please ensure it is enabled and properly configured as per the authors instructions under Setup > Addon Modules and it should work as intended. If it does not, I'd recommend contacting a developer of WHMCS addons for further assistance with debugging the customisation and see if they can correct it for you.
  14. Hello, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with a blank page when completing the order process. If this occurs with the Six client area template and the Standard Cart order form template, This is almost always caused by either a low PHP memory_limit on the server (we recommend 128M) or a customisation that is malfunctioning. If the memory_limit under Utilities > System > PHP Info is 128M or great, the next item to check would be customisations. Please try removing any customisations that may be interfering with the normal operation of WHMCS such as addons and action hooks. These are located in the /modules/addons and /includes/hooks directories. You may also have a /modules/admin directory if you've used earlier versions of WHMCS. When the problem stops you should contact the vendor of the offending addon for support regarding their code. If your issue persists after doing so, please contact our support team and we will be glad to assist.
  15. For anyone who sees this going forward, this would be the e-mail address eNom sets on a domain when ID Protection is enabled.

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