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More authentic does not enter the ADMIN


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Good morning everyone and thank you to everyone who came out to look and they can help me.


WHMCS 5.3.8 was installed and functioning normally, but as we are already at version 5.3.10, I decided to upgrade yesterday, however this time I find myself not able to access; actually enter the login and password it logs the session, because I see the session normally created in the database (usually registers in tbladminlog table), however do not go out of the login screen. And even if I enter some page to access and how they were not logged.


If I type the wrong password it tells me properly and notifies about incorrect password, if I type the correct password it "pretends" accesses records the session however not out of the login screen.


Has anyone experienced this? or more still have any tips that can help me solve?


I did the test on my laptop with ubuntu 14:04 using Firefox and Chrome. And to clarify the doubt went on another computer with windows 7 and tested it on IE 9, Chrome and Firefox, and neither one worked at all was the same way. Even after clearing all cache.


Every hint or comntario is valid, I know some may be silly but not able to deal Esto. Already deleted all got the full version 5.3.10 blacked entire database and thus was not.


Grateful ever since,

Wilton Tavares

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


Do you have any kind of "session_name" entry in your configuration.php file? If so please remove it.


If no such line is present, then this behaviour suggests a problem with PHP Sessions on your server. Attached is a test file you can unzip and upload to the WHMCS directory and visit in your browser. Each tome the file is reloaded the number should increase by 1. Failure to do so indicates a PHP session issue for your server admin/hosting provider is resolve.


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