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forwardpage.tpl JS redirect bug

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forwardpage.tpl includes sone jquery code to auto submit gateway form.

This code may not work because of misplaced html tag


=========STEPS TO REPLICATE=========

Using an offline payment gateway, whmcs shows the "please wait while you are redirected to the gateway you chose to make payment" message forever.

Note: This bug comes *only* when gateway module doesn't return a form.

When gateway payment returns with a "form" element in it, this will populate {$code} variable in template, and autoforward will work.

The problem comes when offline payment gateways don't return a "form" element



Original code inside forwardpage.tpl says:

<div id="submitfrm" class="textcenter">{$code}</div>
<form method="post" action="{if $invoiceid}viewinvoice.php?id={$invoiceid}{else}clientarea.php{/if}"></form>


As you see, there is a div with ID="submitfrm" which auto-closes, and after that, there is a "form" element which is out of the previous "div"


Then comes javacript:

setTimeout ( "autoForward()" , 5000 );
function autoForward() {
   var submitForm = $("#submitfrm").find("form");


Here jquery uses .find() method to find a "form" element *inside* $("#submitfrm") selector.

.find( selector )

Description: Get the descendants of each element in the current set of matched elements, filtered by a selector, jQuery object, or element.


That means that "<form>" should be inside "<div id="submitfrm">.

jQuery's description says it will look for that element *in the descendants* of each element, so it will look for "form" element as a descendant of the "div" element.


So, for this code to work, form element should be inside div element, like this:

<div id="submitfrm" class="textcenter">
<form method="post" action="{if $invoiceid}viewinvoice.php?id={$invoiceid}{else}clientarea.php{/if}"></form>

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