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I'm about to change the paypal address and invoice ids as part of my new company.

I want to keep the previous clients, invoices etc.

There is currently 1836 invoices from #1 - #1836.


1. If I set the invoice number in the settings back to #1 will it overwrite the old invoices?


2. Should I set it to the next rounded up number instead (#2000)?


3. As I'm changing the paypal address, will the current generated unpaid invoices still have the old paypal address, or will it have the new one?


4. Also the current generated invoices that have the old paypal address will whmcs still catch the payment and automatically mark the invoice as paid or will i have to do this manually?



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  • WHMCS Support Manager


To answer your questions:


1. You should absolutely not move the 'Invoice Starting #' setting downwards (in fact don't think WHMCS will let you).


2. You can move it forwards though if you so wish.


3. The PayPal email address entered in the gateway settings at the moment the client clicks the PayPal button will be the one that is used, regardless of whether the invoice was generated.


4. Yes - provided you keep the old PayPal email address in the gateway settings page. So you can enter them like this:


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Thanks John!


So if I have both email addresses example1@example.com example2@example.com does this allow the user to choose which paypal they want to pay to?

Or, does this allow the current generated invoices to use example1@example.com and the newly generated invoices to use example2@example.com?


Many thanks

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