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Integrate Unusual Domain Registrar with no Whois Server

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Hi and thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.


Ok so my problem is that we are based in Zimbabwe and the .co.zw tld does not have a publicly available Whois server so domain name lookups are proving to be difficult.


As a work around I have created a PHP script which queries DNS records and then gives a result of "AVAILABLE" if the domain is available and no result if it is already registered. I have uploaded the script and checked it is working outside of WHMCS. See here /http://www.hectic.co.zw/dns.php?domain=isthisdomainavailable.co.zw


When I add it to the whoisservers.php as .co.zw|/http://www.hectic.co.zw/dns.php?domain=|AVAILABLE and try to do a lookup WHMCS replies with "There was a problem connecting to the domain registry. Please try again later." I'm guessing that WHMCS is expecting a different response from my script.


Please any help you can give is very much appreciated. I'm so close yet so far!


Thank you!

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Try adding it to your whoisservers.php like this:



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when you're adding a web form whois lookup to whoisservers.php, rather than using the normal port 43 whois lookup, you need to slightly alter the final string to tell whmcs that its using a web form by adding |HTTPREQUEST- before the response - also, you don't need the prevailing slash before the URL.


so your entry in whmcs should be...



this works as it shows hectic.co.zw as registered and whmcs.co.zw as available.


it's probably also worth noting that there is a web form that you can use at the ZISPA (the Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers' Association) web site - http://zispa.co.zw/find.html


putting the appropriate form into the whoisservers.php file, you could also use the following:


.co.zw|http://zispa.co.zw/cgi-bin/search?&domain=|HTTPREQUEST-is available for registration

hope this helps. :)

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