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Product Pricing problem


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Products/Services >> Create a New Product >> Pricing problem


When a product is make, there is now for the 6 time the same problem with Pricing edit.

When I sellect Recurring en Enable the Annually ore what ever, the input fields does not show at all. I cannot fill in the price of this product at all.


WHMCS Version 5.3.6 installed from Installatron Applications from my web hoster.


Please advice in this problem, reagars from John

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Not quit true that it is the problem


I do make a new one, in the first place what I did wrong was the standard USD change to the EUR and the rest, that was wrongdoing so. The other reason that I did not make a new one in the first place was, that the complete WHMCS system works than in USD and not EUR. I cannot find anywhere some reading how to set the complete system to one currency like EUR.


So I make a new one just like bellow:


In Currency Code I use "EUR"

In the Prefix I use "€"

In the SuffixCode I use "EUR"


That did not help at al, so what was the problem than I think. What did I add to the WHMCS system, well that was a payment module iDEAL. I did remove the payment module iDEAL and I can change again the products pricing.


But now comes the strange part off all, a view hours later, again I cannot change the product pricing again so exact the same problem. So I did change the complete WHMCS to the English language, remove the addon EU-VAT and the problem stays.


Well there is something else going on, please do see picture


In the picture you see now that the EUR section can be change, but not the USD ????


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All the steps in a row of execution.


- New install-Server settings-all entered settings-FAQ Website, no problems with it more.


- Hosting packages introduced all in EUR currency. No problems.


- After one is hositng packages added the USD currency. There is the problem.


After one is hositng package to have entered into currency USD can be nothing more imported products prices. This would indicate that you can carry in one currency.


- There is absolutely not one to the WHMCS module added.

- There is absolutely no other setting turned on ore have been changed.


I hope that I have provided sufficient test results where the problem is to my knowledge. It is now up to WHMCS to this problem further finding out with the currency config, and possibly in a new update has changed

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Solution If there are problems with the product price that will freeze.


Go to Payment>>>>Currencies


When you add a new Currencies, do not fill in the Suffix




Do you use multiple currencies, then there is only one base currency in WHMCS in my view, by default the USdollar. The other currencies are calculated using a conversion factor. For example $ 1.00 = € 0.77 (or something). Is not filled in, then the prices in other currencies (in your case so euros) equal to 0. After all: a number with 0 is multiplied returns 0. There is the possible cause of the disappearance of the prices? Use only one currency (the euro), a single currency to be filled in, with a conversion factor of 1.


What to fill in?

Currency Code like GBP

Prefix code £

Suffix code Notting

Format 1.234,56

Base Conv. Rate: 1.21564


After all to test time and time again, it appears that the product price no longer to freeze. This is never mentioned or video here attention on WHMCS customers, and whether that has been a clear explanation in here.

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