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PHP developer needed for WHMCS affiliate system customization or add-on coding

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I need a sharp PHP developer who will help me to customize (or develop) affiliate tracking solution for WHMCS according to my specific setup. In my opinion it is really nothing extreme. Not at all.


There are 2 possible solutions, or ways to go:


1) Either adapt an existing affiliate script hook to fit my needs (possible affiliate scripts I can use: iDevAffiliate, Jrox JAM or Post Affiliate Pro)


2) Extend WHMCS already built in affiliate tracking system (or develop new add-on for WHMCS)


Whichever solution you will find appropriate to get it to work with according to my requirements.

However, it is preferable if you could build on WHMCS already included affiliate system, or code an WHMCS add-on. That is preferable.


Actually, WHMCS affiliate tracking system already have everything I need, beside those 2-3 functions.


The budget for this is around $50-$100 depending on how fast you can provide a solution. It should be a future proof solution and the security should be accentuated.


Please get in touch with me ASAP in PM for exactly details.


PS. If you develop an WHMCS add-on for this, I don't have any intention to sell it further.


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What features/facilities do you think is lacking on the WHMCS in-built affiliate system ?


For example just to state few:


1. Distinguish monthly from annually, biennially or triennially payments for same product:


a) IF customer select MONTHLY billing = affiliate system should issue 12 (twelve) recurring payments of 50% clients monthly payment;


b) IF customer select YEARLY billing = affiliate system should issue 1(ONE) time payment, 50% of invoice amount;


2. Automatic affiliate payment after x days


3. DirectLink tracking (affiliates link to our site without any additional parameters in the URL)


4. Automatic approve commissions, manual approve, or/and approve after x days


5. If customer cancel hosting plan withing money back period, a negative commission amount should be assigned to affiliates account


6. If customer selects monthly billing and upgrade to yearly billing within 12 months – a difference should be issued as a commission and recurring payments should stop.


7. If customer select monthly payment and upgrade to another hosting plan – recurring commissions should be calculated according to new hosting plan.



OK I admit that this can look like as a unnecessary luxury, but I guess 1000 host have 1000different setups...

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