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Specify setup price from direct shopping cart url


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Hi Guys


I am setting up my website to allow the purchase of premium phone numbers which have a setup cost based on how good the number is. The site is Joomla but is highly integrated into whmcs. the website will show the available numbers and the price and then a customer will click buy next to one. There will be a large range of prices and I dont really want to have to create a product for each price. Is it possible to have a single product and specify the setup cost in the Direct Card URL?


If so could anyone give me a hing where to start?



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have you considered using configurable options instead of ruling out the option of setting up products for each price?


so create a product, let's call it premium and give it a base amount price (though I think it might have to be a price rather than a setup fee, otherwise the cart will say free!)... then setup your configurable options - which in this case will probably be dropdown or radio buttons... you only have to enter two details for each number - the phone number itself in the options box and a price/setup fee... and repeat for the rest of your numbers... if there are too many numbers in the dropdown, you could always split them into different products (gold, silver etc).


the documentation states that you can link to configurable options - and this does work as long as you get the names and values correct in the URL.




this might be an easier solution for you as you can keep the prices setup within whmcs without the need to pass them, encrypted or otherwise, in the links.

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But surely that way the customer could select a number with a setup cost of £500, my joomla module will call the premium product with the £500 addon, but then at checkout the customer could remove the addon and purchase the number without paying the setup fee?

No - I did test the idea before posting! :)


the way I've got it setup here, the "configurable option" is compulsory - it's a dropdown list of numbers and one must be chosen from the list.. if they do nothing, then it will add the first number from the dropdown... yes, once at checkout, they can change their mind and choose another number - but they can't remove the number... only change it or remove the entire product.


config option settings - http://prntscr.com/2b3iej

order form - http://prntscr.com/2b3juk


btw - in these settings, I've still got them as setup fees but it might be easier to make them prices instead.

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