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  1. Hi Guys I am trying to get a custom provisioning module we have working on a new 7.3 installation. It works fine on 6.3 but is failing on 7.3 I have narrowed it down to the following line, require 'class.VcsApi.php'; I have copied the contents of this file to the bottom of my module and it works fine, So im guessing it is an issue with the way the new version handles require's in the php code. I was advised by Support that it might be related to relevant paths, however I have tried a number of options here and none seem to work. Anyone have any idea I would appreciate it.
  2. TeleMagic

    Customer Selectable Start Date

    Hi, Thanks for the confirmation. I had a feeling this would be the case, just wanted to check I wasn't missing something and going to be re-inventing the wheel. Regards
  3. Hi Guys Im trying to work out if it is possible and if so how to allow customers to set a start date when they order a service. So if a customer comes onto our site and orders colocation they can select what date they want the service to start to allow them time to get the server delivered to our data centre. It would obviously need to then use that date to generate the first invoice. Any pointers would be appreciated. Regards
  4. TeleMagic

    Advance Billing

    Anyone help with ideas here?
  5. TeleMagic

    Advance Billing

    Hi Guys I am trying to setup billing for ADSL customers through WHMCS. From a provisioning point of view this is fairly easy with a module for provisioning RADIUS accounts and can get this developed fairly easily. The complicated thing is billing for these accounts automatically. What I need when a customer places an order, is for whmcs to create an invoice for the customer to pay which the monthly fee for the next 2 whole months, so for example if customer orders on 14th March it will generate an invoice which has rental for April and May which customer must pay on order. I then need WHMCS to automatically generate invoices monthly, so on 1st May it should generate an invoice showing June rental. Regards
  6. TeleMagic

    Location for module to store files in

    Can anyone help with any pointers here? Regards
  7. I am writing a module to create VOIP accounts. I have a bundle which creates a voip account and a VPS hosted PBX server. I need to now link them together so that once the module that creates the voip account can setup this account on the VPS created by the proxmox module. The easiest way I think for thi to happen is for the VOIP module to create an SQL file for the VPS to run on first boot. Where would be the best place for the voip module to put this file on the WHMCS server. This needs to be writable to the php script for the voip provisioningmodule. I will put the file in its own folder and secure with a .htaccess allowing only the ip asigned to the VPS access. Regards
  8. TeleMagic

    Product Bundle linking in modules

    Thats great. I probably should have tried playing with product bundles before posting. Thanks for the help Othellotech.
  9. TeleMagic

    Product Bundle linking in modules

    So will both products in the bundle have the same order id? Regards
  10. TeleMagic

    Product Bundle linking in modules

    Which product? If I lookup based on the customer id and product code, what happens if customer orders more than one bundle? Regards
  11. I am writing a module to create voip accounts. I have a product bundle that includes a voip account and a VPS server using a ready-made prommox module. I have a product bundle which creates both products creating both the vps through the proxmox addon and also the VOIP account through my module. I need to be able to find out the hostname for the vps created when I create the voip account, is there any way to pull this? Regards
  12. TeleMagic

    Specify setup price from direct shopping cart url

    But surely that way the customer could select a number with a setup cost of £500, my joomla module will call the premium product with the £500 addon, but then at checkout the customer could remove the addon and purchase the number without paying the setup fee? Regards
  13. TeleMagic

    Specify setup price from direct shopping cart url

    This could be passed with an encrypted price. And some validation to ensure it has to be a valid price. Any ideas on how I would make whmcs accept this? Regards
  14. TeleMagic

    Specify setup price from direct shopping cart url

    Thanks for your reply Brian. That is a very good point. I hadnt thought about the fact that someone could simply cange price in link. Back to the drawing board. Regards
  15. Hi Guys I am setting up my website to allow the purchase of premium phone numbers which have a setup cost based on how good the number is. The site is Joomla but is highly integrated into whmcs. the website will show the available numbers and the price and then a customer will click buy next to one. There will be a large range of prices and I dont really want to have to create a product for each price. Is it possible to have a single product and specify the setup cost in the Direct Card URL? If so could anyone give me a hing where to start? Regards

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