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Are you able to add a small fee if client chooses specific paymentway


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Like brian said it's not possible with WHMCS out of the box but of course is possible (and really easy) with few lines of script.


Anyway please pay attention to what you are doing because many Payment Gateways don't allow you to charge extra fees to customers. This would be in contrast with the user agreement for PayPal, Mastercard and Visa - just to mention a few. They don't allow you to charge a "PayPal Fee", or whatever else you wanna call it, when using PayPal rather than Visa or Mastercard for receiving money.

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i'm not sure that these user agreements are applied the same in every country - as an example, if I choose to pay my energy bill by credit card (Visa in my case), then the energy company charges me 1.5% for doing so - if I use a debit card (Visa too), there is no additional charge.


out of curiosity, what are the lines of script ? :?:

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Years ago even Rayanair was charing an extra fee to clients for payments made with credit card. They were forced to remove it because it was in contrast with Visa/Mastercard/Amex rules. In Italy (my country) in companies like Enel, Telecom, Wind, Trenitalia the rule has been totally implemented. In fact when you try to pay/purchase something on their webistes it doesn't matter what payment gateway you select. You always pay the same exact amount. For example if i purchase a train ticket from Trenitalia that costs 100 euro, i can freely decide to pay with Paypal rather that Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners circuits. It will always costs me 100 euro because the merchant must pay all costs. In fact you will never find a PayPal module for WHMCS, Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop (...) that natively supports the "charge fees to buyer" feature.


Anyway it's true that smaller companies keep chargin fees because "nobody noticed it". You can report them to PayPal, Visa or whatever for doing it. It's also true that other companies have simply renamed "transaction fee" with something more usable like "setup fee" or "invoicing fee" but they can still been reported if they are applying this *magical* fee only when you try to pay with certain gateways.

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