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Ability to schedule upcomming registrar rate increases


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For those of us that have OpenSRS then you know about the new increased rates effective Jan 2, 2014


I was curious if WHMCS had a way i could input those rate increases to take affect that day rather than have to edit the rates all at the same time on Jan 2 ..



Just what we need right, less margin :(

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there is no way to do this from within WHMCS... I suppose you could write an sql query to do this, but seems a lot of hassle to me... hopefully there will be a new version of WHMCS by that time that has a working bulk pricing updater!


on the topic of Contact Privacy (ID Protection) which will increase from free to $3, OpenSRS have provided an answer today to the glaring omission in their email...


What about existing domains with Contact Privacy on? Do I have to pay for those effective January 2, 2014?


A: If you have an existing domain with Contact Privacy enabled prior to January 2, 2014, you don't pay for Contact Privacy until the domain renews.

so if you renew the domains now, you'll pay at the current prices and CP won't be charged until it's next renewal.


their prices increases are at least 10% for us (as we're on a low management fee), so we'll consider renewing a lot of our domains this year to take account of this.

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Thanks for the update brian. I was upset about the rate increase, and now im boiling at the fee for CP. CP was a good deal with the profit margin we had but now we have to decide if we want to obsorb yet another cost, offer it as a loss leader, or have the clients tow the load..


It seems its one thing after another and margins are getting smaller and smaller with every change. I see the day comming (or already here) that if we dont have tons of clients to make profit off volume method, we cant survive. I did not get into this to offer free hosting. I am still in my infancy as a company and I lose money every year by the time i pay for all the associated fees with providing this service.


Maybe sitepearl had the right idea by closing up shop, i dont know. But it sure seems that once again i have gotten into a business too late to make a go at it... Its just so frustrating, we have to purchase certain things to be in business and those required features/services are the ones making money, not us on the front lines.


Ok i vented... lol

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