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Problem with custom fields showing up on mass email form


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I have two custom fields, one DOB and one Confirmation they type "agree"


when i am going to do a mass email to my clients under clients->mass mail tool


the two custom fields show up. if i dont fill them out i cant send a mass email.. is this a bug? I cant fill them out because the data is not static data. So now i cant send an mass email because it tells me that it cant find data because i did not fill them out...


Any ideas, maybe even how to remove them from mass email screen or a work around... i would hate to have to disable them every time i have to send a mass email..



Thanks. Image attached..



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which version of whmcs are you using?


a couple of ideas... while you're in the process of writing the mass mail, you could disable any custom field validation or possibly disable it from being a required field


alternatively, if you aren't going to use the custom fields in the content of the email, then these details won't be included - so in that case, you could fill the boxes to make them valid.

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im using 5.2.7 yeah i thought about disabling them while i do the mass email but what a pain to have to do that ya know.


I cant make both valid, the one i can because its always "agreed" static value, but the DOB is not static so that would not work to put anything in it. .


I use DOB for two reasons, one is for the happy bd email, and second to verify that they are old enough to legally enter into a valid legal contract. Underage clients cannot enter into legal contracts and can screw you over and over again.

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ok, i've never played with mass mail before - so i've created two custom fields (text), birthday and agreement, both have validation and are required.... i've filled both fields in via admin in one profile.


if I go to Mass Mail, and leave both fields blank, it takes me to send email message with all the valid recipients (I guess everyone!)... if I enter either agree or my birthday, it only shows my email profile email address.... this is in 5.2.5


so I can leave fields blank and it will work... therefore validation and being required are not issues... the question is why you find that it's not doing it in 5.2.7?

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OK got it... what i was doing was after clicking on general i was choosing selections such as shared hosting and active and language. Trick is that when the general screen comes up dont choose anything, well you can highlight active but dont do anything else and just click compose message button. My thought was to choose the defaults on the page but if you do that it will tell you it cant be sent.


At least it came up this time and no warning message. I must say im alittle red with embarassment on this one. Thanks brian. :)

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