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applying promotions on renewals


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I am not able to search any articles that show me how to go about offering promotions on renewals. Like I want to offer 25% off from one date to another. That I have set in promotions. But I am offering this to all those who will renew their orders from x date to y date by entering that promotion code while placing their renewal.

There is no field in renewal invoices for such offer. Where to look fro it and how to go about it?


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I don't think that there is a way for a promotion to work on renewals only - in fact, getting a promotion to work on a renewal might be tricky.


I can think of two possible ways to discount the renewal price... the first would be to manually (or using the Bulk Pricing Utility if it works in your version) and altering the renewal price for specific tld's - though if this is a time-limited offer, you'd have to change the prices back once the offer is over.


the second way is theoretical - I haven't tried it and have no idea whether it would work, but you could create a promotion, specify the tld's it applies to, tick the "Also allow existing products in account to qualify for promotion" box, enter start/end dates, tick the existing client box and save.


now you'd manually (or perhaps use bulk or sql query) have to enter the promotion code into the domain registration profile (clients -> profile -> domains -> select domain) in the promotion code box.


now this promotion code would, I think, also be valid for new domain registrations - which is something you might want to avoid.


basically, the short answer is that it can't be done... the longer answer is that while you can change the renewal price, you can't do so by offering promotion codes that will only work on renewals.

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