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whmcs and promissory notes


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I need to know if i take alternate payment types suchs as a money orders, if whmcs comes with or has the availabilty to store a draft of a promissory note that i could have the client sign (digitally or otherwise) and or if this promissory note could be available to the client via the order form or as an option somewhere in their whmcs login.


I wanted to see what was available out of the box with whmcs first then i will continue this conversation in the customize section.


Has anyone set up something like this and how much is custom work and how much is out of the whmcs box?



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in the admin area, you can go into a specific client and upload files to their account - which I think they can then access from their own client area.


so if it were a paper version of a draft, you could scan and upload to their account as jpg/pdf... I suppose if it's digitally signed, it'll be a pdf and you can upload that as well.

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Thanks Brian thats good news. i did download two dif promissory notes from a free site. one word doc and one pdf. So i will need to convert them to my text and my business name first. But tomorrow i will make a test file and try to put in in my client test account from admin and then login to my test account and see what it looks like and what the access process is.


Thanks thats a big help i did not know we could do that... I will report back my findings asap.. :)

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Found the documentation here http://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Management#Client_Files


•The files section in a clients profile allows you to upload files specific to that customer

•This can be used for documents, agreements or other downloads specific to the individual

•Files can be set as Admin Only to only be viewed by admins, otherwise they show on the Client Area Homepage for the client to be able to download

•Files are uploaded to the /attachments directory and can be added and managed from the Client Summary page in the admin area


With that said i have looked all over my client area test area and i cannot find this, its not in downloads, its nowhere i can find. So im wondering if there is something else i need to set like a switch or something to allow this... i dont know



Update ok so NO need to change any file permissions i have removed my other comment. correction there is another attachments folder above the public_html and thats where they are. So dont mess with the one that is in your whmcs that is not the right one so leave those permissions alone.


still have not found them on the client side though.

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you could move the code to any section of the client area to make it more prominent for your needs... or perhaps change the icon beside the filename to a pdf logo (if they are all going to be pdfs).


actually, if you add the filename type/extension (.pdf, .doc etc) in the filename title, you could probably change the code to display the appropriate file icon beside it... should only need {if} statements.

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