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I need help with Moving my WHMCS to a new domain and also to upgrade my whmcs

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I need help with moving my WHMCS to a new domain but on the same server and also to upgrade from version 5.03 to version 5.2.5.I have about 70 accounts on the system. Iam broke. So, i have $35 for your help


Your help will be highly appreciated


Thank you


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What help exactly do you need? The solution you need isnt difficult to do.


Create new domain:

Copy files over:

Copy database tables to new database:

Update Configuration file (database settings):

Reissue whmcs key:

Log into admin area: to update key:

Validate all of the system is working:

Finally delete the old account.


It sounds more complex than it is but you dont need to pay somebody to do this.


I would leave the upgrade until you have completed all the steps above, that will eliminate one possible problem area besides such a large upgrade is probably better done incrementally to make sure all the changes occur in your database that are needed.

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Thanks CDJ Hosting for your advise on this. But now how do i upgrade to the latest version? am using v5.03?

I think CDJ's advice is quite correct - you shouldn't need to pay someone to do this...


also, forget about upgrading for now, and get your existing v5.03 setup working on the new domain... once you've completed that and you're happy that everything is ok, then consider upgrading.


with regards to upgrading, you'll probably see a link in your admin when you login... or you can log into whmcs.com, click on services -> licenses and services -> view details -> downloads.... and there you should see the link to the latest stable version... and links to previous versions.



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