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Dedicated Server Management Addon (Newly Updated and being devolped)

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Hello Everyone, today i would like to bring to you a very nice managment tool that makes it easier to manage which clients have a dedicated server and what limits or specifications they may have, I have edited an old script from 2010 which was made by bullfrog3459 and modified it slightly with changes to make it compatiable with all whmcs 5.1 and up, It allows you to set client



* The module integrates with WHMCS clients so that you can choose which client is the owner of the server.

* Server details include server name, IP address, root password, location, owner, OS, CPU, RAM, Hard disk, and Notes and more!

* New Bootstrap Attached theme

* Open Source, feel free to modify and post here if wanted to contribute

* Bandwidth Table


Change log:

Change log
1.22 (My Edits)
* Added Bandwith
* Optimized Code & Bugs
* Compatible With 5.2+
* New Bootstrap Style Attached
* Html Cleanup And Layout
* MySQL Cleanup

1.21 (Developer bullfrog3459 Edits)
* Added SSH Port
* Added RDC Port
* Fixed MySQL Bug in Server Add page

* Took Script and revamped some features
* Updated Install Script 
* Added None for option to Product Option
* Added DRAC IP
* Added Multiple NIC's
* Added Admin Username
* Added control panel
* Added CPU Cache
* Added CPU Speed
* Added Ram Speed
* Added Drive Controller
* Added HD2, HD3, HD4
* Added Drive Raid
* Added Multiple PSU's
* Added Chassis Brand
* Added Chassis Model
* Added Service Tag
* Added Asset Tag
* Added Warranty Expiration
* Added Managed or Unmanaged
* Added VPS
* Added VPS Node
* Added Switch
* Added Switch Port
* Added Switch Speed
* Added Rack Name/Number
* Added Rack Position
* Added UPS
* Added UPS Port
* Added PDU
* Added PDU Port
* Added Text Field for Contract Terms

* Fixed order link in server order page.
* Added None client in Server Add page.
* Added installation script.





I will be releasing this soon, tell me what you think?

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It should allow you to download it, and yes the folder admin has to be created in /modules


If the attachment is not working, please let me know and i can upload a mirror, hope you enjoy!


- - - Updated - - -


Also make sure to go in addons then configure and set it to have permission to admin rights then you can access it.

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