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  1. Not been here in thread for a while. Anybody jumped ship yet or come back or got any general feedback etc? I'm still currently using WHMCS. Been wanting to migrate nearly a year to WISECP but they're still working on next big update, Currently at 94%. I haven't moved yet until they add repeat billing for Stripe (which is in v3). v3 roadmap https://roadmap.wisecp.com/
  2. Check your spam folders or maybe there was a typo in email addy you used on contact box? They've been extremely helpful in my support tickets when I was using the free license and after when using paid license. Using WISECP as my sites front end/cms at moment until I'm ready to migrate customers/billing over, probably when v3 hits or early 2022. Then I'll be done with WHMCS after 11+ years of use. I have loved using WHMCS and will be sad to stop using it but I can't justify staying with a company who screws people over or treats it's customers they we they have.
  3. Been good so far in support tickets. The forums are not very active/monitored. I'd jump on Discord channel to chat to fellow users or drop a support ticket. Alternatively use the "Send Us A Message" option on their contact page as I think that adds message to the Admin area and notifies staff. Their emails may not be monitored as often.
  4. I implied it, you inferred it 😁 Yeah that was my thoughts. It's a bit of the pain in the arse as I would like to keep it active/accessible for at least a year after I divorce myself from WHMCS. This is what I'm considering.
  5. You missing the point. Once license has ended or can't call home to check Admin access is removed?
  6. For those that have migrated one of their installs, Do you still have access to WHMCS Admin area after you don't renew? Have you somehow kept it online in case you need info at later date?
  7. Thankyou but that isn't really a viable solution. That is like burning a house down to kill a spider.
  8. Thanks. I'll give it a go. As far as can tell the following code should block emails with title of "License Limit Near" ? [edit] Ah after reading again it seems like it's the template name you have to enter not email title. I don't think it's possible to use the presend as HWMCS isn't using or providing access to the email template in WHMCS. I HIGHLY suspect they are sending these license emails out via my own server instead of their own specifically so they can circumvent the US, UK and EU regulation around spam emails. They are providing no opt-out or unsunscribe link in these emails and no way to stop the sending of them. <?php add_hook('EmailPreSend', 1, function($vars) { $merge_fields = []; if ($vars['messagename'] == 'License Limit Near' && $vars['relid'] == 2) { //Stop the email from sending a specific message and related id. $merge_fields['abortsend'] = true; } return $merge_fields; });
  9. That's because you have now very recently LOWERED the amount of clients we can have on our price bracket!!! So before we would not have had these emails. The issue is that I will highly likely not need to upgrade my license for months even though I am within 10% of the next level so you are basically hounding me every single day in an attempt to force be into upgrading unnecessarily to avoid these emails being sent by my system every single day. This is clear extortion. You are eating away at my email sending limit without my authorisation. You're acting like the maffia. You're hounding me day in day out basically telling either pay more or we will continue to hound you and nothing you can do about it. I would also question whether what you are doing is even legal because there is no opt-out or unsubscribe option for this particular email. Surely that is breaking US, UK and EU law and regulations?? What justification do you have for sending these emails via my server instead of your own? What justification do you have for not giving me an opt-out option? What justification do you have for sending this email every single day to me instead of once a week or month or even just a notification in Admin area?
  10. I have already answered that in my OP and in support tickets.
  11. Migrate to WISECP like rest of us are for an endless list of reasons.
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