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I need a developer to whmcs, a module for CloudStack.

The CloudStack for whmcs module, must have all the features of this module, the HostBill:



Send PM with information and values​​.



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I need a developer to whmcs, a module for CloudStack.

The CloudStack for whmcs module, must have all the features of this module, the HostBill:



I'm a HostBill user too, not entirely by choice, but because of the dealbreaker that WHMCS had no support for frameworks such as this when we needed it. Many others went over to HostBill as well because of this, and we're still waiting for a viable solution within WHMCS.


There was a thread (closed now), where there was an outpouring of support for just such a solution, and it was eventually offered here: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?42495-CloudStack-support&p=275702#post275702


Now, There's a couple of things that removes that solution as an offering from our standpoint as well. First, it involves an MRC (This makes it completely out of the question for consideration). If we wanted that sort of model, we would simply have used something like SolusVM which now provides support for Xen and KVM (but not VMware).


Second, that's the only information we can find about it. There's no real product info page that shows a changelog, community forums we could find of people who are using it, or anything else that would indicate that it is any less of a travesty than HostBill.


In case that thread goes bye bye, here's a quote of their entire text, with links to the module:


WHMCS module for Cloudstack has now been released:



Use promo code: betacs for 60 dsys to try before you buy.


Also noteworthy is the fact that the particular user who posted that has only ever had 4 total posts to these WHMCS forums - so I would really weigh those considerations before jumping in with such a high MRC, if you're willing to pay a monthly fee at all.


Some people cite the rapid development and release cycle of HostBill as a strength - sure, if you like early beta software riddled with bugs now, more bugs that break stable functionalities in new releases, a development team that seems almost non-existent when it comes to such bug reports or support, and totally insane bait and switching of licensing - including the availability of brand new broken modules that suddenly become paid modules when you're not looking (Like their new VMware 5 module did).


Just a quick gander at the community and the anger within that community on those points should give pause to anyone considering the product.


That having been said, HostBill is actually quite nice when and while it works, and has support (often broken) for features that WHMCS might not have for a long time. For a while, it proudly boasted it's support for a third party developer community, but aside from closing the forums to anyone but licensed customers and chasing away most of those developers, this has all but disappeared.


The prices are woefully out of line for their continued support too - They just changed their 'under 50 bucks a year' support to $299/yr - according to some of their web pages, and the product itself is now over $600.


It's hard to get community support in their forums too because most people are asking the same questions themselves, and dealing with other new breakages when a new release comes out.


HostBill's CloudStack module does work though, and if that's what you want, it may be where you have to go if you don't want to pay the third party company above $50/mo. I have no idea whether the "60 day free trial" promotion code is still honored or not.


We keep wanting to migrate our customers back to WHMCS ourselves, but so far, we're, "...just sittin' here watching the wheels go round and round" To quote John Lennon.


As far as WHMCS and the 'new' feature request system, I've tried to vote and/or put a couple of suggestions in there but the single signon seems to be broken or something for that forum and I don't do faceplant or google or whatever the other third party authenticators are - a regular old, "OpenID" login, like that of "MyOpenID" would be nice instead of those malware tracking companies IMO.


I suppose this thread is as good as any other to welcome discussion as to what other people have done or are doing to integrate CloudStack with WHMCS - because I know that, as a WHMCS customer, we're still very interested too because when it really comes down to it, WHMCS is the superior software platform hands down - it just lacks *certain* features we can't live without, and that's not a fault of the software or the developers here. They have their business model and direction of their vision for it.


In the meantime, we simply use WHMCS for our remote services and onsite support clients who aren't also cloud hosting customers with us - The quotes / estimates system in HostBill is perpetually broken and has been for well over a year and the one in WHMCS is pretty sweet ;)


I know that I'm interested in hearing about solutions for this CloudStack solution (or OpenQRM, which we also use), although we have absolutely no intentions of entertaining a model with an MRC - only owned solutions.


Thoughts? Comments?

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I just got a reply back from the publishers of that Cloudstack Module:


Hi Bradley


Thank you for your interest. We are currently reworking our module. We are not currently selling our existing version.





Billy Forte

IT Solutions Now / GetCloudServices


Office (888) 818 5830 ext 9101

Fax (888) 609 8649


I guess everyone needs to keep looking lol!

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