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DKIM and SPF records not being


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Why is WHMCS bypassing the WHM settings for DKIM and SPF creation?


I searched and didn't find any answer so forgive me if I missed it but


I didn't see any settings in WHMCS to allow the DKIM and SPF records creation, this tells me that WHMCS isn't controlling it or worried about that option, which is fine but in WHM tweak settings I have it set to add these records during account creation and that is not happening which leads me to believe that during the WHMCS account creation it is somehow just bypassing it.


If WHMCS isn't going to add settings in the WHMCS product creation then why is it bypassing the settings in the WHM tweak settings?


These records are highly needed and must be allowed to be created during account creation.

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Try changing the mail type to SMTP and see if that fixes the issues.


First create an email account used to send the emails in cPanel.


Then go to Setup->General then click on the Mail tab. For the Mail Type select SMTP then enter your local smtp server details.

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Thanks jclarke, but that's not the issue, when a client signs up for a hosting account and the account is opened no SPF or DKIM records are created for them, you must login and manually add the records even though WHM allows for them to be automatically created.


If you go into WHM>>>Tweak Settings>>>Mail scroll down and tick the boxes for SPF and DKIM to be created when the account is created, but when using WHMCS it doesn't allow WHM to create them it just bypasses the setting.

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Oops, I thought you meant WHMCS wasn't sending emails using dkim.


It appears to be a problem with the cPanel API, it doesn't seem to support this when creating an account via the API based on a couple of cPanel forum posts. You may want to open a bug report with cPanel about this.



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WHMCS is sending the API call to WHM to process account creations, if you've got it set to automatically create DKIM/SPF records when accounts are created, then it sounds like an issue with cPanel/WHM's API itself, rather than WHMCs.


If you look at the creatacct API documentation, there is no option to request DKIM/SPF be generated:


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At present, WHMCS relies on cPanel & WHM server to honour the default settings that are defined at Tweak Settings > Domains.


Unfortunately, this doesn't work in the case of SPF as stated by cPanel


"account creation with our API does not respect the "Enable SPF on domains for newly created accounts" value configured in "WHM >> Tweak Settings". Thus, developers must utilize "spf=1" when using the createacct module to ensure a SPF record is created"


For this reason, a facility to choose whether to enable SPF or not should be available in the module settings tab for products in WHMCS

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