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  1. Hi there, Having tested the OX App Suite for a few weeks, I find it is a fairly good product for the price, but there are some major and some minor drawbacks... A user can't reset their password. Whilst it is possible to reset a password from the client end of WHMCS, an email account user can't do that within the OX App Suite. This means that the main contact in WHMCS can login to all the users' email account without them knowing about it. This is a major privacy issue. cPanel has a similar problem when it comes to email accounts and I was hoping that the Suite would be an option for people requiring more privacy for their email accounts. I fail to understand why WHMCS would not implement this feature as it is available as part of the OX Cloud package from Open-Exchange, at least it is shown as existing on their demo. It looks like it has been disabled in the package resold by WHMCS. The anti-spam filter doesn't seem to forward all spam to the spam folder so there appears to be no way to find out if legitimate emails have been blocked. When I first tested the suite, it was with a domain using SpamExperts. I noticed on the SpamExperts logs that some legitimate emails forwarded by SpamExperts had been blocked by the OX Suite completely, never reaching the suite. It could be an incompatibility between the two system so I have disconnected SpamExperts, but it makes me think that other emails might get blocked. The transfer of files from/to OX Drive, using the OX App Suite can be very slow although the Drive Sync App is a bit faster. Calendar week view starts on Sunday, this can only be changed if you use work view. It is not possible to update calendars synced from Google, only viewing them is available. Unfortunately, the first and second points are deal breakers for me.
  2. We are experiencing a similar problem here, not all domain reminder emails are being sent and recorded.
  3. At present, WHMCS relies on cPanel & WHM server to honour the default settings that are defined at Tweak Settings > Domains. Unfortunately, this doesn't work in the case of SPF as stated by cPanel "account creation with our API does not respect the "Enable SPF on domains for newly created accounts" value configured in "WHM >> Tweak Settings". Thus, developers must utilize "spf=1" when using the createacct module to ensure a SPF record is created" For this reason, a facility to choose whether to enable SPF or not should be available in the module settings tab for products in WHMCS
  4. Hi, Considering the importance of spf records, I would have thought that the people at WHMCS could have contacted the cPanel people to discuss this issue and find a solution.
  5. The support area for WHMCS is not allowing me to login and is showing an error message. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other ways to contact the WHMCS people. The error I get when I try to login is: "Proxy Error The proxy server could not handle the request POST /members/dologin.php. Reason: Error during SSL Handshake with remote server" Is anyone able to login?
  6. Hi, Unfortunately, I do not believe that we can comply with Enom's requirements as... 1. WHMCS doesn't have a facility to send a reminder after the expiration. 2. It is not possible for WHMCS to send an email to the registrant, only to the main contact for the account. In many cases, the main contact and the registrant may be the same, but in some cases the registrant will be different. I am hoping that the WHMCS team can make the required upgrades to WHMCS, but in the meantime, I personally feel that I have to accept that Enom will send email to the registrants as I do not want to have to remember to send emails manually.
  7. Hi, It would be useful if WHMCS had a module that could change all the cpanel passwords on the server, update WHMCS with the new password and send an email to the client advising them of what has been done. It would also be useful if WHMCS had a module to force clients to change their passwords when they try to login to their accounts in the WHMCS software. In view of some of the latest vulnerabilities that have been discovered, something like this would be most welcome.
  8. Has anyone ever found out how ID protection works in WHMCS? There doesn't seem any way to have it set-up as an add-on to a domain after the domain has been registered. How does it get renewed?
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