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Invoice PDF shows <br/> tags in Notes after upgrade to 5.2.2 from 5.1.2

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Thank you,


I've used notes in old (5.1.2) version many time, with no problems ever.

Now, I've tried using \n and it doesn't help, please see attached screenshots:



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Same issue after upgrade to 5.2.2 from 5.1.2


This doesn't happen on quotes, only on invoices. I converted a quote - quote looks good, invoice full of <br /> tags in the notes.


Also tried the Portal and Default templates - same issue

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It is highly likely that you no longer need to use a html line break. IF this is in a text area (right click and view source of the input form) then pressing enter automatically uses a \n. You will notice this if you are adding api ip addresses it tells you to enter them 1 per line, that is because they are using the standard function of a text area to allow for ip address separation in the table.


This means anything pulled from a text area will have the lined already used. i have no reason to think that if its done there it will also be done else where, it takes less code to handle a \n than it does a <br>, also note. the use of <br /> is for XHTML where the requirement is to close all opened tags and instead you should be using <br> in your HTML templates.


While browsers cope with it, if you intend on validating your code you will find you need to replace each of them.

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Thank you, but there is no markup in the notes area. This is just the notes tab on an invoice, new lines are just made by clicking enter.


I first noticed it when I went to send a pdf copy of an invoice that was converted from a quote. The line items are fine (item & cost), its only under the total in the notes area where the <br /> tag is coming up at the end of each line.


Attached a screenshot

whmcs invoice.jpg

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Just use HTML in your PDF.


Use something like this:

if ($notes) 
$notes = '<table width="100%" height:"30"><tr>
		<td style="font-weight:bold;text-align:left;" width="15%">'.$_LANG["invoicesnotes"].':</td>
		<td style="font-weight:normal;text-align:left;" width="85%">'.$notes.'</td>
$pdf->writeHTML($notes, true, false, false, false, '');


insted of something like this:

if ($notes) {
$pdf->MultiCell(170,5,$_LANG["invoicesnotes"].": $notes");

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