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  1. fyreflyX

    CodeGuard Landing Page

  2. Enabled the addon, but the landing page creation failed, it's a blank link (from read more link and menu link). How can I get the page populated?
  3. fyreflyX

    WHMCS Stripe - No Such Customer

    It seems to be working, thank you so much!
  4. fyreflyX

    WHMCS Stripe - No Such Customer

    Thank you! Giving that a try.
  5. Using theme Six + Standard Cart and the customer has Stripe as the default payment gateway set in Profile. Also, deactivated the 3rd Party Stripe plugin, but I still receive the error (in both test and live mode). Also updated Stripe Keys, just in case. Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support. In Gateway Transaction Log, I get the error: "No such customer" Anyone have suggestions to help get the WHMCS Stripe Payment plugin working?
  6. Thanks, Brian. Will give it a try
  7. I was looking for the Client area - so the Affiliate could see the manual commissions I entered. Thank you for the quick reply!
  8. Wondering f there is a way to display Manual Commission Entries added to an Affiliate account on the affiliates.php template? The page currently only lists referrals, but I would like to also display the date, description and amount added when using "Add Manual Commission Entry". Thanks
  9. fyreflyX

    Product Addon Invoiced Separate

    I wasn't using a Client Group for them, but I created a Client Group and kept Separate Invoices for Services unchecked. Hopefully this will do the trick. Thanks!
  10. fyreflyX

    Product Addon Invoiced Separate

    I have a Product Addon, billed monthly on the same date as the Hosting package, but 2 invoices generate each month on the same day (one for hosting, one for product addon) Separate Invoices for Services is unchecked I must be missing something. Is there any other areas in WHMCS that might be preventing Product Addons from being added to the same invoice as the Product?
  11. fyreflyX

    Convert Quote to Invoice - Error - Blank Page

    Yup, seems to be the same issue. Thank you - I will wait for the fix
  12. fyreflyX

    Convert Quote to Invoice - Error - Blank Page

    No output for errors, just a blank page still when converting a Quote to a Invoice when setting $display_errors = true; Checked php settings, error reporting is on. The only thing left is going through each file listed under the folders in Blank Pages Elsewhere (http://docs.whmcs.com/Blank_Pages#Admin_Area_Only), but a lot of files and none are customized, they are all from WHMCS, pretty basic setup with regular updates as needed.
  13. fyreflyX

    Convert Quote to Invoice - Error - Blank Page

    Thanks John, but I am already running Version: 5.3.5 Its after I upgraded that this started happening
  14. fyreflyX

    Convert Quote to Invoice - Error - Blank Page

    I am also getting this error, whether single invoice is created or 2 part invoice from quote. I had enabled the logs, but nothing is getting logged. The invoice is created, but I need to navigate back to the account and "View Invoices"

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