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Support it´s horrible, arrogant and very slow. READ INSIDE Ticket #781993


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Open ticket 781993 My problem: FAIL TRANSFER DOMAIN ".ES" TLD ( ONLY TRANSFER)


17/02/2013 15:59

Miguel || Client

Hello, I have one problem with resellerclub module register, I activated the Debug log and I can see that although the information of State (Province) of the customer is filled, this is not sent in the request:






[auth-userid] => ******

[auth-password] => *********

[customer-id] => XXXXXX

=> cuenta@dominio.com

[name] => Pepito Perez

[company] => N / A

[address-line-1] => XX Avenue. 23

[address-line-2] =>

[city] => Elda

[state] =>

[zipcode] => 03600

[country] => EN

[phone-cc] => 34

[phone] => 123456789

[type] => EsContact

[attr-name1] => es_form_juridica

[attr-value1] => 1

[attr-name2] => es_tipo_identificacion

[attr-value2] => Other Identification

[attr-name3] => es_identificacion

[attr-value3] => 12345678Z

[product-key] => gifts

[posteddata] =>



The answer is:




{"status": "ERROR", "message": "{state \ u003dState is Invalid}"}


Because obviously [state] is empty when customer information is stored "Alicante" is the province concerned.


The data I have changed here to not show actual data but the test was complete with real data.


Any idea?




17/02/2013 17:02

Stephen || Empleado [/u]



The file provided in my response to your ticket #605672 should also resolve this issue.


If you have any further questions or concerns, just let us know.






WHMCS Customer Support



17/02/2013 19:32

Miguel || Client


Thanks Stephen


The problem with tld ",eu" it´s correct now.


But with the ",es"it´s the same error.... {state=State is Invalid } in debug mode... it´s empty ....


but in client it´s correct.





18/02/2013 10:34

Carl || Empleado




In the includes/additionaldomainfields.php file, please ensure you have the following:


$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "Legal Entity Type", "LangVar" => "estldentitytype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "1|Natural person or individual,39|Economic Interest Grouping,47|Association,59|Sports Association,68|Trade Association,124|Savings Bank,150|Community Property,152|Condominium,164|Religious Order or Institution,181|Consulate,197|Public Law Association,203|Embassy,229|Municipality,269|Sports Federation,286|Foundation,365|Mutual Insurance Company,434|Provincial Government Body,436|National Government Body,439|Political Party,476|Trade Union,510|Farm Partnership,524|Public Limited Company / Corporation,525|Sports Public Limited Company,554|Partnership,560|General Partnership,562|Limited Partnership,566|Cooperative,608|Worker-owned Company,612|Limited Liability Company,713|Spanish (company) Branch,717|Temporary Consortium / Joint Venture,744|Worker-owned Limited Company,745|Provincial Government Entity,746|National Government Entity,747|Local Government Entity,877|Others,878|Designation of Origin Regulatory Council,879|Natural Area Management Entity", "Default" => "1|Natural person or individual",);

$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "ID Form Type", "LangVar" => "estldidformtype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "1|DNI or NIF,3|NIE,0|Other ID", "Default" => "0|Other ID",);

$additionaldomainfields[".es"][] = array("Name" => "ID Form Number", "LangVar" => "estldidformnum", "Type" => "text", "Size" => "30", "Default" => "", "Required" => true,);


And then on the domain, please check and ensure you have filled out each option, click on Save Changes, and then register/transfer the domain.


Warm Regards,



WHMCS Support



18/02/2013 16:33

Miguel || Client


Thanks Carl... but same error... STATE.... :(





19/02/2013 08:31

Miguel ||Client


I´m sorry, but i have a fews domain in "expiry soon" and need solution.




thanks, regards



19/02/2013 09:03

Carl || Empleado


Hi Miguel ,


Could you please create temporary login details so we can look into this for you:


- WHMCS Admin URL:

- Username:

- Password:


- FTP Username:

- FTP Password:


If you haven't already please include step by step instructions to recreating your issue.


Warm Regards,





19/02/2013 09:16

Miguel || Cliente


Hi carl, thanks










You can try with XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.es domain TRANSFER... ID XXXXXXXX domain





20/02/2013 15:31

John || Empleado


Hi Miguel,

Just to keep you updated, I've investigated but have not yet been able to identify the cause of the issue. We're continuing our investigations and will update this ticket when we know more.


Thanks in advance for your patience.




Kind Regards,


Support Manager





21/02/2013 00:41

Miguel || Client




I was running out of time, expire at another registrar domains








21/02/2013 17:18

Miguel|| Client










21/02/2013 17:36

Miguel || Client




Now I can not register “.ES” tld Please. TODAY I need to work at least registration.'s because I have to register domains for my clients.


I await your quickly response.






22/02/2013 16:13

Andrew || Empleado




Replying multiple times to your ticket will not get a response quicker, you just delay it.

Please replace the attached files in the includes directory to resolve this.









22/02/2013 17:42

Miguel || Client


Good afternoon, are you arrogant.


This is amazing,, 4 days to "try" to fix a error and you tell me that "speak" a lot? I put a lot of questions?


And threatens me that this may lead to slower support?


If you do not need to work, please leave your job to someone who needs to work.



Also tell your majesty, without intention of offense, the current error is: Required parameter missing: attr-value2


and to your question, yes, I have placed the DNI-NIF in the domain, I have also placed code send me Carl in the includes/additionaldomainfields.php and i have filled out each option, click on Save Changes.


I hope your "fast" response, but please, quiet, no urgency, if you can try to fix it on the day ..... hmm Wednesday, when my clients have their domain expired.


Thanks, Best regards.

signed by the silly, lame and annoying customer.


Continuous with error at this time.


Hope someone check the WHMCS support, great software and terrible SUPPORT.


Of course not everybody SUPPORT ARE EQUAL. My utmost respect to those who are serious and professional in their work.



Thanks and i´m sorry, it´s very extended.

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I'm very sorry that you were not pleased with the experience of the support staff. I would at this time however like to point out that in order for WHMCS allow for domains to be registered, it must rely on the root whois servers to respond with the expected data. Unfortunately, it's fairly regular that the change either the whoisserver, or how they respond to whois requests.


The support staff supplied responses based on the common occurrences for domains being unable to register, in which it came to a point that our development staff needed to intervene to adjust an encrypted file to address a change.


I again apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, however please respect the fact that the support staff attempted to resolve your issues, and eventually did - based on the fact that you've not reported the issue reoccurring.

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Just a quick note,

"And threatens me that this may lead to slower support?" there was no threat there, Whmcs ticket system will move a ticket to the bottom of the list everytime someone replies to it,

It may have come off rude but everytime you make an adjustment to a ticket it gets kicked bqack to the bottom of the Q, its mot just you it happens to everyone

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The forum is full of complaints about the support, slow and ineffective responses. And WHMCS seems to not act on the support, I do not think arrogance is the best way to run a business.


Especially since it is integrated with cPanel, there is a fairly extensive post on this subject.


I would not put link of all the complaints, but I would like the support would at least be courteous and not arrogant.


I do not understand always, to answer the second ask you all access data to send a file to test myself if everything is OK, when I have given an ID of a domain that can try to let it solved.


Thanks for posting my post. I think I have done with all possible respect.

From 17 February to 23 February now continuously error.


pd: i´m sorry for my english.

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The only one who is arrogant here is you.

What prohibits you from renewing/transferring manually? You don't need WHMCS for a couple of days while they fix it.

You think telling you that replying repeatedly just pushes your ticket to the bottom of the queue is rude? OK, next time they won't tell you and you can never get a reply. The forum was full of complaints about 2 months ago. Your a bit late on that. And even when everyone complained, I never had a problem.

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Thanks, Best regards.

signed by the silly, lame and annoying customer.


Well you got one bit right...


As mentioned above, I don't see how you were mistreated at all. I was clearly a complex issue that took additional debugging. In the meantime you could have easily renewed/registered the domains manually...

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Error start 17/02/2013


Last Updated: 02/23/2013 8:24


No one has answered in 2 days.



Openmind, sorry, I've missed you respect.


I hope that if you miss me again respect that way some moderator do something.




PD: I do not understand some comments, if you you pay a software and support and are agreed in the service provided by their support WHMCS, respect the opinion but I can not agree with that opinion.


Sorry for my English.

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Last time I checked this was a public forum. I didn't agree with your attitude in your original post and I disagreed that the situation was handled badly. If you had thought about the problem laterally you would have had a solution in manually renewing the domains.


Don't post something on a forum and expect everyone to fall into your line of thinking, life isn't that easy...

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It was simply pointed out by me and others that bumping your ticket ( adding new replies to your existing ticket will cause it to go to the back of the line, this is an automated process and is not done with Malice, Does it suck, Yes, I agree that it does but again its not done with malice.

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Because someone has closed my other post, do not know why. I open this as my support ticket is still open with no response or solution by WHMCS.


First Part: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?68639-Support-it%B4s-horrible-arrogant-and-very-slow-READ-INSIDE-Ticket-781993




I closed this thread. I also merged your new thread on the same topic into this thread.


Starting multiple threads on this forum has no effect on the speed in which tickets are responded to, or your issue is resolved.


There are 1000's of folks using WHMCS all over the world. Each one of them who opens a ticket, must wait for their ticket to be answered the same way as you and me do. That's not to say your issue is not important, I'm quite sure it is. But, there are more than just you and me using WHMCS.


I'll make sure someone takes a look at your ticket as soon as possible. In the meantime, no more new threads. I will merge them here and kill them if you do.


Please note: that is not me being arrogant toward you. It's a simply a clerical matter and how these forums are managed. Multiple postings on the same topic are generally deleted.



Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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17/02/2013 15:59 OPEN




I hope I am allowed to complain.


3 days after we follow exactly the same. the very good support of WHMCS.


I apologize to all users who "work-advocate" for WHMCS since I am the arrogant above.


I I reiterate my support feedback WHMCS




history complete: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?68639-Support-it%B4s-horrible-arrogant-and-very-slow-READ-INSIDE-Ticket-781993


pd: i´m sorry for my english.

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You're more than allowed to complain, however insulting staff through the ticket system or on the forums is rarely appreciated. You've received a reply to your ticket - please confirm and if you have further issues, please allow time for investigation as it appears your registrar has changed their API recently which is requiring the need to refactor the way WHMCS handles the information.

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Then please explain things with courtesy and respect.


Anyway I'm complaining that the resolution of a domain name registration ticket that has been delayed one week.


What is curious is that no answer to tickets for 3 days until they "try" to publish this post again.


At the time before the publication of the post, the problem is solved and published the post.


Again to leave the customer as "exaggerated".


It's my opinion and if you look at their own forum and external forum will notice that something happens with your support.


If you do not want to see, it seems perfect, but not a good customer support.


We are in the FEEDBACK section right? Well, my feedback on the support WHMCS has not changed by his words. Sorry.


Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


ps: sorry for my English.

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