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Quantum Gateway issue after upgrade to latest version


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I completed an upgrade to your latest version yesterday afternoon. I had some recurring payments go through and process without issue overnight through the Quantum Vault payment gateway.


The issue now is that I have a client who would like to make a one time payment and it will not process for some reason. There really isn't an error but all that shows is the following:


"As part of our fraud prevention measures, you will now be asked to perform the Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode verification to complete your payment.


Do not click the refresh or back button or this transaction may be interrupted or cancelled."


Nothing happens after the above is displayed. I checked my batches and settlements and nothing shows that a payment is there. No settings have been changes within Quantum Gateway.


Thank you.

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I am also having this issue when developing and testing our latest release with WHMCS 5.1.2


It seems like WHMCS is expecting a different return value from what the documentation outlines.


3DSecure function should:

return $code for 3Dsecure checkout form


return "success" if 3Dsecure is not available but the transaction is still approved.


capture function should:

return array("status"=>"success","transid"=>$results["transid"],"rawdata"=>$results);


Can someone from WHMCS please confirm this is correct in 5.1.2. I've wasted many hours now trying to get around this. For a while now I just thought it was a "me" problem...

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I'm still having this exact issue.

Clients who had their card stored in the vault before the update work fine.

However new clients are not able to use the gateway at all. I have not been able to take a single new client with Quantum Vault via WHMCS since 5.1.2 was released.

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  • WHMCS Support Manager


To fix this please ensure the /templates/*your active template*/creditcard.tpl and 3dsecure.tpl files are up-top-date.

Also ensure the Setup > General Settings > Security tab > Disable Credit card Storage option is UNticked. It must be UNticked for the card details to be stored in the Vault.

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